100 English Sentences Used in Daily Life (Simple & Important)

English is a vital language to learn, no matter your profession or location. It allows you to communicate with people from all over the world and can help you in your career. Here are 100 English sentences that are used in daily life and are important for everyone to know.

How these sentences are helpful in English speaking?

These sentences are useful for English speaking because they help to improve fluency and confidence. In addition, speaking in complete sentences helps to improve the listener’s understanding. For example, if someone says “I went to the store,” it is not clear whether they went to the store and then came back, or whether they are still at the store. However, if they say “I went to the store and bought some bread,” it is clear that they have completed the action of going to the store and buying bread. As a result, speaking in complete sentences can help to improve communication.

100 Important English Sentences Used in Daily Life

english sentences used in daily life
english sentences used in daily life

1- I’m fine, thank you.

2- How are you?

3- What’s your name?

4- Where are you from?

5- What’s your phone number?

6- Can I have your email address?

7- Nice to meet you.

8- Pleased to meet you.

9- How old are you?

10- when is your birthday?

11- Do you like sports?

12- What’s your favorite color?

13- What’s your favorite food?

14- What’s your favorite hobby?

15- Do you have any pets?

16- Can you speak slowly, please?

17- Can you repeat that, please?

18- I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

19- Could you explain it again, please?

20- Can you spell it, please?

21- Do you have any siblings?

22- What’s your parents’ occupation?

23- Are you married?

24- Do you have kids?

25- What do you do for a living?

26- What’s your major in college?

27- Where did you go to high school/college?

28- Have you ever been abroad?

29- when was the last time you went abroad?

30- What’s the weather like today?

31- It’s raining.

32- It’s sunny.

33- It’s snowing.

34- What’s the temperature today?

35- I’m cold.

36- I’m hot.

37- Turn on the light, please.

38- Turn off the light, please.

39- Open the window, please.

40- Close the window, please.

41- Can you turn up/down the volume, please?

42- Pick up your clothes from the floor, please. 43- straighten up your room, please.

44- Clean your room, please.

45- Set the table, please.

46- Wash the dishes, please.

47- vacuum the floor, please.

48- Take out the trash, please.

49- Feed the dog/cat, please.

50- Water the plants, please.

51- Do your homework, please.

52- Practice the piano, please.

53- Take a shower, please.

54- Brush your teeth, please.

55- Get dressed, please.

56- I’m going to bed now. Goodnight.

57- Wake up, it’s time for school/work.

58- Eat breakfast, please.

59- Lunch is ready.

60- It’s time for dinner.

61- I’m hungry.

62- I’m thirsty.

63- Please pass me the salt/pepper.

64- Can you pass me the ketchup/mustard?

65- We’re out of milk/bread/eggs.

66- Can you go to the store and buy some?

67- Can you make me a sandwich, please?

68- I don’t like this food.

69- I’m allergic to nuts/ seafood/ dairy products, etc.

70- Bon appetite! /Enjoy your meal!

71- That was delicious.

72- I’m full.

73- I need to do some laundry.

74- Can you help me with the laundry, please?

75- What’s your favorite TV show?

76- Who’s your favorite actor/actress?

77- What kind of music do you like?

78- Who’s your favorite singer/band?

79- Do you like to read books?

80- Who’s your favorite author?

81- What’s your favorite book?

82- Let’s go see a movie.

83- Have you seen that new movie?

84- Let’s go out to eat.

85- Do you want to go shopping?

86- I need to buy a new dress/shirt.

87- This shirt is too small/big for me.

88- That dress is so pretty!

89- How much does this cost?

90- I can’t afford that.

91- Do you have any discounts/sales?

92- I’m just looking, thank you.

93- Do you gift wrap?

94- I’ll take this one.

95- Can I try this on?

96- Where’s the fitting room?

97- Do you accept credit cards?

98- I’d like to return this item.

99- Excuse me, where’s the restroom?

100- Can you show me where the exit is?

Routine Questions and Commands Used in Daily Life

1- Wake up

2- Get dressed

3- Brush your teeth

4- Eat breakfast

5- Go to school/work

6- Do your homework

7- Practice the piano

8- Take a shower

9- Watch TV

10- Have dinner

11- Go to bed

12- Set the table

13- Wash the dishes

14- Vacuum the floor

15- Take out the trash

16- Feed the dog/cat

17- Water the plants

18- Straighten up your room

19- Clean your room

20- Pick up your clothes from the floor

21- Turn on the light

22- Turn off the light

23- Open the window

24- Close the window

25- Turn up/down the volume

26- Go to the store

27- Make me a sandwich

28- Do some laundry

29- Help me with the laundry

30- Let’s go see a movie

31- Have you seen that new movie?

32- Let’s go out to eat

33- Do you want to go shopping?

34- I need to buy a new dress/shirt

35- Where’s the fitting room?

36- Do you accept credit cards?

37- I’d like to return this item

38- Excuse me, where’s the restroom?

39- Can you show me where the exit is?


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