100 Examples Of Degrees Of Comparison

In grammar, there are three degrees of comparison: positive, comparative, superlative. In this post, we will explore 100 examples of each degree. By understanding how to use these terms correctly in your writing, you can create more sophisticated and accurate sentences.

Examples Of Degrees Of Comparison

Degrees Of Comparison

Positive Comparative Superlative
Strong Stronger Strongest
Warm Warmer Warmest
Full Fuller Fullest
Thirsty Thirstier Thirstiest
Famous More Famous Most Famous
TRUE Truer Truest
Hungry Hungrier Hungriest
Sharp Sharper Sharpest
Risky Riskier Riskiest
Wet Wetter Wettest
Itchy Itchier Itchiest
Large Larger Largest
Oily Oilier Oiliest
Sour Sourer Sourest
Sad Sadder Saddest
Worldly Worldlier Worldliest
greedy greedier the greediest
Weak Weaker Weakest
Happy Happier Happiest
Noisy Noisier Noisiest
Sorry Sorrier Sorriest
Tan Tanner Tannest
Worthy Worthier Worthiest
Fast Faster Fastest
Safe Safer Safest
Tough Tougher Toughest
Light Lighter Lightest

Degree of Comparison list

Quick Quicker Quickest
Strange Stranger Strangest
fascinating more fascinating the most fascinating
Sunny Sunnier Sunniest
Lonely Lonlier Loneliest
Low Lower Lowest
Small Smaller Smallest
Tall Taller Tallest
Black Blacker Blackest
Popular More popular Most popular
Bad Worse Worst
Funny Funnier Funniest
Simple Simpler Simplest
Soon Sooner Soonest
Windy Windier Windiest
Lively Livelier Liveliest
Steep Steeper Steepest
Sleepy Sleepier Sleepiest
Smart Smarter Smartest
Smooth Smoother Smoothest
Clever Cleverer Cleverest
Poor Poorer Poorest
fierce fiercer the fiercest
Moist Moister Moistest
Tiny Tinier Tiniest
Difficult More Difficult Most Difficult
Lazy Lazier Laziest
Shallow Shallower Shallowest
Cruel More Cruel Most Cruel
Sane Saner Sanest
Naughty Naughtier Naughtiest
Salty Saltier Saltiest
Sincere Sincerer Sincerest
Little (amount) Less Least

Degree of Comparison

Wild Wilder Wildest
classy classier the classiest
Odd Odder Oddest
Slow Slower Slowest
Clean Cleaner Cleanest
Nice Nicer Nicest
Slim Slimmer Slimmest
Sore Sorer Sorest
Cold Colder Coldest
Fine Finer Finest
Pretty Prettier Prettiest
gloomy gloomier the gloomiest
Skinny Skinnier Skinniest
Polite Politer Politest
Short Shorter Shortest
Stingy Stingier Stingiest
confused more confused the most confused
Sweaty Sweatier Sweatiest
Quiet Quieter Quietest
Weird Weirder Weirdest
Near Nearer Nearest
Pure Purer Purest
Cool Cooler Coolest
dirty dirtier the dirtiest
Old Older/elder Oldest/eldest
bold bolder the boldest
Needy Needier Neediest
Shiny Shinier Shiniest
bright brighter the brightest
Easy Easier Easiest
Thin Thinner Thinnest
Renowned More renowned Most renowned
Ugly Uglier Ugliest
Angry Angrier Angriest
High Higher Highest
Dear Dearer Dearest
Empty Emptier Emptiest
Green Greener Greenest
Spicy Spicier Spiciest

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list of Degree of Comparison

Degree of Comparison in Example Sentences

  1. Strong – Stronger – Strongest
  • Her father is a very strong businessman.
  • They are getting stronger with each passing day.
  • He is the strongest one in our class.
  1. Warm – Warmer – Warmest
  • It has been a warm day today.
  • She felt warmer after putting on her coat.
  • This summer has been the warmest in 10 years.
  1. Full – Fuller – Fullest
  • I am feeling full after that meal.
  • The sky was getting fuller with clouds.
  • He became the fullest when he won the race.
  1. Thirsty – Thirstier – Thirstiest
  • She felt thirsty after playing in the sun.
  • The desert winds made him thirstier.
  • He was the thirstiest person at the party.
  1. Famous – More Famous – Most Famous
  • The singer became famous overnight.
  • His videos become more famous with each new release.
  • He is the most famous celebrity in town.
  1. Hungry – Hungrier – Hungriest
  • He was hungry after missing lunch.
  • She got hungrier the longer she waited for dinner.
  • Her brother is the hungriest one in the family.
  1. Sharp – Sharper – Sharpest
  • The knife was sharp enough to cut.
  • Their minds grew sharper with more practice.
  • He is the sharpest person I know.
  1. Risky – Riskier – Riskiest
  • Taking a loan can be risky business.
  • Investing in stocks is riskier than bonds.
  • Driving without a license is the riskiest thing you could do!
  1. Wet – Wetter – Wettest
  • It had been raining, so everything was wet.
  • The ground got wetter as the rain poured down.
  • The park was the wettest place around!
  1. Itchy – Itchier – Itchiest
  • He felt itchy after wearing the wool sweater.
  • Her skin got itchier as the rash spread.
  • She was the itchiest one in her family.
  1. Large – Larger – Largest
  • The house had a large garden.
  • The trees grew larger each year.
  • It was the largest house on the block!
  1. Oily – Oilier – Oiliest
  • His hands were oily from working with machinery.
  • The surface became oilier as he worked on it.
  • He had the oiliest hands of all his coworkers!
  1. Sour – Sourer – Sourest
  • The lemon tasted sour to him.
  • It got sourer with each bite he took.
  • He found the sourest lemon in the whole store!
  1. Sad – Sadder – Saddest
  • She was feeling sad after her break-up.
  • The news made her sadder than before.
  • That’s the saddest thing about this incident.
  1. Worldly – Worldlier – Worldliest
  • He had a worldly outlook on life.
  • His ideas grew worldlier with each new experience.
  • He was the worldliest person I knew!
  1. Happy – Happier – Happiest
  • She was happy to get a promotion at work.
  • Her smile got happier when she heard the news.
  • She is the happiest person in the whole universe.
  1. Noisy – Noisier – Noisiest
  • The classroom was noisy with kids talking.
  • It got noisier as their teacher left the room.
  • Now it’s one of the noisiest places on this planet.
  1. Sorry – Sorrier – Sorriest
  • He felt sorry for not helping out.
  • When he heard what had happened, he felt sorrier.
  • He was the sorriest person in the whole room!
  1. Tan – Tanner – Tannest
  • She had a nice tan from her vacation.
  • She became a bit tanner after more time in the sun.
  • Her friends said she was the tannest one there!

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