100+ Opposite Words in English

English is filled with words that have opposites meanings. Today, we’re going to take a look at more than 100 of them! This can be a helpful tool when learning English, or when you simply need to describe something in a contradictory way.

What are the Opposite Words?

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. For example, the antonyms of “hot” are “cold” and “lukewarm.” Antonyms can be used to express a variety of concepts, including opposites, gradations, and refugees. The antonym of “rabbit” is “turtle,” and the antonym of “safe” is “dangerous.” In addition, there are many words that have multiple antonyms, such as “bark,” which can be either “rough” or “smooth.” As you can see, antonyms are a versatile tool for writers and speakers. By using antonyms, you can more precisely communicate your meaning to your audience.

List of Opposite Words

100 opposite words
100 opposite words
Descendant  Ancestor
Start  Finish
Accidental  Intentional
Abundance  Lack
Die  Live
Warm  Cool
Attack  Defense
Right  Left
Amateur  Professional
Now  Then
Bottom  Top
Ending  Beginning
Outskirts  Centre
Angel  Devil
Comedy  Drama
Connect  Separate
Admit  Deny
True  False
Cold  Heat
Whisper  Scream
Ordinary  Special
Soul  Body
Drama  Comedy
Cheap  Dear
Calm  Excited
Poor  Rich
Ascend  Descend


Silly  Intelligent
Sink  Rise
Clever  Stupid
Handsome  Ugly
Moderate  Extreme
BadLuck  Good Luck
Hell  Heaven
Lower  Raise
Large  Small
Pretty  Ugly
Fortune  Bad Luck
Cheap  Expensive


Hilly  Flat
Background  Foreground
Vacant  Occupied
Question  Answer
Awake  Asleep
Rear  Front
Flat  Hilly
Guest  Host
Well Ill
Little  Big
Late  Early
Friend  Enemy
Noisy  Quiet
Sharp  Blunt
Attic  Cellar
Stupid  Clever
Night  Day
Horizontal  Vertical
Light  Heavy
Animal  Human
Complicated  Simple
Stop  Start
Hunger  Thirst
Amuse  Bore
Shelter  Exposure
Melt  Freeze
Much  Little
Add  Subtract
Protection  Attack
Interrupt  Continue
Immigrate  Emigrate
Everything  Nothing
Present  Past
Vowel  Consonant
Light  Dark
Advanced  Elementary
Junior  Senior
Brother  Sister
Gentle  Violent
Health  Disease
Married  Divorced
Hard  Easy
Wealth  Poverty
Certainly  Probably
Forget  Remember
Presence  Absence
Like  Hate
Exclude  Include
Busy  Lazy


Minor  Major
Alive  Dead
Ancient  Modern
Whole  Part
Wealthy  Poor
Pupil  Teacher
Deny  Admit
Leave  Arrive
Sunny  Cloudy
Dusk  Dawn
Captivity  Freedom
Subtract  Add
High  Deep
Healthy  Ill
Compliment  Insult
Private  Public
Alike  Different
Boring  Exciting
First  Final
Lead  Follow
Regret  Satisfaction
Lazy  Active
Exactly  Approximately
Lend  Borrow
Scatter  Collect
Useful  Useless
Wedding  Divorce
Prudent  Imprudent
Early  Late
Servant  Master
Occupied  Vacant
Intentional  Accidental
Defend  Attack
Live  Die
Ill  Healthy
North  South
In Front Of  Back
Courage  Cowardice
Export  Import
Lofty  Lowly
Body  Soul
Floor  Ceiling


Simple  Complicated
Correct  Incorrect
Affirmative  Negative
Lie  Stand
Careful  Careless
Wet  Dry
Past  Future
Stand  Lie
Master  Servant
Ask  Answer
Include  Exclude
Strict  Gentle
Generous  Mean
Huge  Tiny
Courage  Fear
Permit  Forbid
Continue  Interrupt
Stranger  Native
Opponent  Supporter
Bore  Amuse
Modern  Ancient
Good  Bad
Remember  Forget
Possible  Impossible
Unity  Division
Special  General
Out  In
Hit  Miss
Mountain  Valley
Finish  Begin
Hasten  Dawdle
Particular  General
Cruel  Human
General  Particular
Import  Export
Behind  In Front Of
Cry  Laugh
Valley  Mountain


Moon  Sun
Refuse  Agree
Grown-Up  Child
Cloudy  Clear
Let  Forbid
Advance  Retreat
For  Against
Different  Alike
Nobody  Everybody
Active  Lazy
Borrow  Lend
Attack  Defense
Difficult  Easy
Success  Failure
Emigration  Immigration
Sorrow  Joy
Construction  Destruction
Morning  Evening
Catch  Miss
Useless  Useful
Shout  Whisper
Careless  Careful
Outside  Inside
Freeze  Melt
Intelligent  Silly
Land  Take Off
Answer  Ask
Marry  Divorce
Boy  Girl
Humble  Proud
Funny  Serious



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