1000 Vocabulary Words for IELTS – A List to Score Good

Are you looking to improve your IELTS score? Check out this list of 1000 vocabulary words that will help you boost your score. Many of these words are likely to appear on the IELTS test, so make sure to learn and practice them! With a strong vocabulary in place, you’ll be well on your way to success on the IELTS test. Good luck!

How can I improve my vocabulary score in IELTS?

If you’re aiming for a high IELTS score, improving your vocabulary is a great place to start. A wide range of word choices will not only make your writing more interesting to read but will also demonstrate to the examiner that you have a good grasp of the English language. Here are some tips to help you build your vocabulary and improve your IELTS score:

  1. Read as much as possible in English. The more you read, the more words you will encounter and internalize. Try to mix up your reading material, including both fiction and non-fiction, to get a well-rounded vocabulary.
  2. Keep a notebook or journal handy to jot down new words and their definitions. Then, make an effort to use these words in your writing and speaking. Not only will this help you remember them better, but it will also help to integrate them into your language skills.
  3. When you come across a word you don’t know, take the time to look it up. In addition to its definition, pay attention to its part of speech, spelling, and pronunciation. This will help you use the word correctly when the time comes.
  4. Be on the lookout for words that are used often in the IELTS test. These words are more likely to appear on the exam, so it’s a good idea to be familiar with them. A great way to learn these words is to do practice exams under timed conditions. This will help you get used to the types of words that are used in the test, as well as the pace at which you need to work.
  5. Practice, practice, practice! The more you use your new vocabulary words, the better your chances of remembering them and using them correctly. So get out there and start putting your new words to good use!

How much vocabulary is enough for IELTS?

There’s no simple answer to this question. The amount of vocabulary you need for IELTS will depend on your level of English and your goals for the test. If you’re aiming for a high score, you’ll need a strong vocabulary base to be able to express yourself clearly and accurately in the exam.

However, even if your goal is a more modest score, a good vocabulary will still be an asset. The best way to build your vocabulary is to read as much as possible in English and to make an effort to learn new words when you encounter them. With time and practice, you’ll be able to build up the vocabulary you need for success on the IELTS test.

1000 Vocabulary Words for IELTS

vocabulary words for ielts
vocabulary words for ielts

IELTS Vocabulary (1-200)

Stationary   fixed
Animated   lively
Well mannered   polite
Gratuity   tip
Outside   external
Handsome   good
Upset   perturb
Awful   terrible
Dedicated   committed
Crook   criminal
Religious   devout
Misread   misinterpret
Considerate   thoughtful
Imperfect   faulty
Candy   sweet
To hazard   to endanger
To involve   to entail
Manmade   artificial
Drab   dull
Important   meaningful
Clerk   receptionist
To answer   to reply
Help   aid
Soiled   dirty
Beneficent   generous
Convenient   handy
To vanquish   to conquer
To function   to operate
Completely   totally
Uninjured   unhurt
Charter   constitution
Empty   drain
Egocentric   selfish
To condemn   to sentence
French dressing   vinaigrette
Approve   endorse
Magistrate   justice of the peace
Untimely   premature
If   whether
Fanatic   enthusiast
Difficult   hard
Wise   knowing
Citation   quotation
Special   exceptional
Commencement   graduation
To infect   to contaminate
To quake   to tremble
Accurate   correct
Vacant   empty
To grouse   to grumble
To bring sb. Up   to raise
Dark   dismal
Idle   lazy
Foyer   lobby
Suppress   restrain
Valueless   worthless
Except   apart from
Midway   halfway
Gravestone   headstone
Immediate   instant
Migrant   drifting
Fantastic   great, brilliant
Vague   indistinct
To grab   to seize
Daybreak   dawn
Today   nowadays
Dumb   stupid
To vacuum   to hoover
Awkward   clumsy
Dirty   soiled
To receive   to get
To confine   to restrict
Murderer   assassin
Meeting   assembly
Dull   blunt
Business   commerce, trade

Synonyms for IELTS 2 Synonyms for IELTS

IELTS Vocabulary (201-300)

Inflexible   Rigid
Merciless   cruel
Instinct   intuition
Pocket book   notebook
To imagine   to suppose, to assume
Depraved   wicked, evil
Monotonous   boring
Revolting   disgusting
Impassive   emotionless
Pressing   urgent
Detached   indifferent
Vague   indistinct
Contemporary   modern
To learn   to memorize
To arrive   to reach
Pattern   sample
Hunger   starvation
To nominate   to appoint
To notify   to inform
Dangerous   unsafe
Mediocre   fair
Spotlight   highlight
Napkin   serviette
Stupid   silly
To denationalize   to privatize
Ornament   decoration
Total   entire,
Inflow   influx
Enemy   opponent
Moral   ethical
Neutral   impartial
Economic   profitable
Huge   vast
Crusade   campaign
Naughty   disobedient
Precedence   priority
Trustworthy   reliable
Constantly   always
Conflict   clash
Reliable   dependable
Unmarried   single
To consult   to refer to
Imperative   crucial
Mourn   grieve
Oblique   indirect
Thrive   prosper
Measure   degree
Diverse   distinct
Isolated   lonely
Bloodbath   massacre
Insurgent   rebel
Unbiased   impartial
Dull (person)   stupid
To minimize   to play down
To impeach   to question
Disagreeable   unpleasant
Branch   department
Noted   famous
Essential   fundamental
To deduce   to infer
Joy   delight
Concord   harmony
Impediment   obstacle
To bring sth. Back   to reintroduce
Notwithstanding   however
Believable   plausible
To disappear   to vanish
Indisputable   undeniable
Able   capable
Praise   compliment
Disadvantaged   deprived
Chorus   refrain
Overseas   abroad
Crazy   insane
Continue   persist
To rue   to regret
Impartial   neutral

200 Synonyms for IELTS in english 500 Synonyms for IELTS in english

IELTS Vocabulary (301-400)

Contented   Satisfied
Mindless   senseless
Morose   sullen
To accumulate   to build up
Amateur   beginner
Torpid   lethargic
Docile   tame
To hurry   to rush
Cheesy   corny, tacky
Yield   produce
Mend   repair
To establish   to set up
Humiliate   embarrass
Moment   occasion
Scarcity   shortage
Precis   summary
To cope   to manage
Aromatic   fragrant
Disgrace   shame
Abstract   summary
To illuminate   to clarify; to light up
To renew   to resume
Mistrust   distrust
New   fresh
Connect   join
Steady   regular
Housebreaking   burglary
Mind   intellect
Deliberate   planned
To survive   to outlive
Bum   backside, behind, bottom
Brave   courageous
Mirth   fun
Moderate   lenient
Couch   sofa
Curative   healing
Mendacity   lying
In the meantime   meanwhile
Cussed   stubborn
Matters   things
Awful   atrocious
Turbulent   blustering
Dossier   file
Unlawful   illegal
Maneuver   manipulate
Comfort   consolation
Earth   soil
To transform   to convert
To expire   to run out
Apparent   evident
Misfortune   mishap
Humble   modest
Immaculate   spotless
Considerate   thoughtful
Incidentally   by the way
Hall   corridor
Dicey   risky
Stable   steady
To impact   to affect
Hostile   antagonistic
Convention   conference
Class   lesson, course
Bashful   shy
Highbrow   intellectual
Adjourn   postpone
To visualize   to imagine
To imitate   to mimic
Nameless   anonymous
To migrate   emigrate
To intend   to mean
To elevate   to raise, to promote
Nightfall   dusk
Arrogant   haughty
Convalesce   recover
Particular   specific
Constant   fixed
Negligent   inattentive
Lacking   missing
Second   moment
Inconsiderate   thoughtless
Confederate   accomplice
Attractive   appealing
Disaster   catastrophe
Dispute   debate
Hint   trace, tip
Equity   fairness
Loveable   habitable
Superb   magnificent
Reminiscence   memory
Correct   right
Happily   fortunately
Worn   old
Obsolete   out of date
To magnify   to exaggerate
Everlasting   eternal
Constancy   fidelity
Above   overhead
Word   synonym
Daring   bold

1000 Synonyms for IELTS in english Synonyms for IELTS pdf

IELTS Vocabulary (401-500)

Turmoil   disturbance
Mild   gentle
Apparent   obvious
Impartial   neutral
Passable   satisfactory
Consecutive   successive
To collapse   to break down
Legitimate   valid, leva
Skull   cranium
Reasonable   fair
Defective   faulty
Backbone   spine
To cite   to quote
Invoice   bill
Remark   comment
Bendy   flexible
Meager   scanty
Touchy   sensitive
Deserted   abandoned
About   approximately
To bear on sth.   to affect
Hard   tough
Vain   useless
Wrong   mistaken
Mobile   moveable
Win   succeed
To evaluate   to assess
To symbolize   to represent
Magnify   expand
Inheritor   heir
Interplay   interaction
Repute   reputation
Bloodless   cold
Satisfied   convinced
Dawn   daybreak
Rude   impolite
Rubbish   nonsense
Extra   additional
Loopy   crazy
Almost   nearly
To withstand   to resist
Vibrate   tremble
Surplus   excess
Immoderate   excessive
Coiffure   hairstyle
Aid   help, assist
Intriguing   fascinating
Last   final
Infamous   notorious
Mysterious   occult
Maximum   uppermost
Ballot   poll
Previous   preceding
Remorse   regret
To misconceive   to misunderstand
Internal   inner
Gut   intestine
Possibility   opportunity
To operate   to function
Conservative   cautious
Fragrance   perfume
To assure   to guarantee
Sacristy   vestry
Adult   grown
Dally   loiter
Wonderful   marvelous
Moderately   reasonably
Complete   total
Impasse   deadlock
Immune   exempt
Touchdown   landing
Unhurt   unharmed
Sure   certain
Damage   hurt
To overhaul   to overtake
To foretell   to predict
To emphasize   to stress
Magician   conjuror
Nervous   perturbed
Discount   reduction
Garbage can   trashcan
Movie   film
Insufficient   inadequate
To deprave   to corrupt
Unstated   unspoken
Stupid   dense
Inventory   stock

200 Synonyms for IELTS 500 Synonyms for IELTS

IELTS Vocabulary (501-700)

To disclaim   to deny
To renounce   to give up
Prosperous   affluent
Hashish   cannabis
Infrequent   rare
Curler   roller
Hypothesis   speculation
Disagree   differ
Destiny   fate
Livid   furious
Warranty   guarantee
To behave   to act
Achieve   accomplish
Militant   combative
Bid   tender
To collect   to gather
Clever   intelligent
Middleman   intermediary
Ability   skill
To admit   to confess
Bizarre   weird
Selection   choice
Vacancy   emptiness
Minor   lesser
To mirror   to reflect
Winery   vineyard
Miserable   depressing
Home   domestic
Quite   fairly
Fortunate   lucky
To put sth. Back   to postpone
Maybe   perhaps, possibly
Advocate   support
Dreadful   terrible
To oversee   to supervise
Sincere   honest
Foolish   silly
To diminish   to decrease
To illustrate   to demonstrate
A narrative   a story
Identical   duplicate
Abandon   forsake
Vast   huge
Spontaneous   automatic
Hard   firm
Grasping   greedy
To fabricate   to manufacture
To close   to shut
Artful   crafty
Chiefly   mainly
Intermittent   sporadic
Remainder   the rest
Unforeseen   unexpected
Drastic   extreme
After   following, next
Aggressive   militant
Object   thing
Practically   virtually
High   elevated
Fool   idiot
Madness   insanity
Peaceable   peaceful
A native   a local
Omnipotent   all
Painting   portray
Terror   terrorism
Away   absent
Substantially   considerably
Hold   grasp
Hearsay   rumor
Dash   sprint
Vicious   ferocious
Hole   gap
Suggest   propose
Nobility   the aristocracy
Infantile   childish
Foxy   cunning
Barren   infertile
To float   to drift
Mackintosh   waterproof coat
Ban   forbid
Successful   prosperous
To accomplish   to achieve
Dilute   weaken, thin
Infuriate   enrage
Gratis   free of charge
Priority   precedence
Well timed   timely
Continuous   continual
Scrumptious   delicious
Deliberately   intentionally
Paper money   notes
To intensify   to heighten
Abundant   ample
Necessary   essential
To glitter   to sparkle
Insufferable   unbearable
Perception   insight
Choosy   picky
To appear   to seem
Unfortunate   unlucky
Always   forever
Construction (lit.)   interpretation
Arise   occur
Encourage   support
Lousy   awful
Dubious   doubtful
To conform   to comply
To denote   to indicate, to represent
To hawk   to peddle
Virtue   advantage
Phantasm   illusion
Undeniable   indisputable
Transparent   obvious
To respond   to reply
Urgent   important
Deceptive   misleading
Impolite   rude
Ignorant   unaware
Unvoiced   voiceless
Naked   bare
Contaminate   defile
Becoming   fitting
Sundown   sunset
Dry   arid
Beautiful   attractive
Appreciable   considerable
Delicate   fragile
To beat   to defeat
Refrain   chorus
Understandable   comprehensible

Synonyms for IELTS list list of Synonyms for IELTS

IELTS Vocabulary (701-1000)

Impatient   Eager
Dead   lifeless
Immodest   conceited
Contrary   opposite
To hand sth. Out   to distribute
To mimic   to imitate
Hermetic   airtight
Conscious   aware
Moreover   in addition
Intellectual   mental
Noon   midday
Backside   behind, bottom
Missing   lost
Cruel   mean
Uprising   rebellion
Divide   split
Abbreviate   condense
Lethal   deadly
Unusual   strange
To desert   to abandon
Eager   keen
Before   prior
Antagonize   provoke
Applicable   relevant
Obligatory   compulsory
Brow   forehead
Immature   inexperienced
Leading   main
Obdurate   stubborn
Ambitious   aspiring
Illiberal   intolerant
Uncared for   neglected
To encounter   to come across
To enquire   to investigate
Hospitable   cordial
Misery   distress
Devil   satan
To explode   to blow up
Eccentric   unusual
Doubt   mistrust
Immobile   motionless
Congested   stuffed
Inferior   substandard
Neat   tidy
Beneficial   favorable
Enormous   huge, immense
Signal   sign
To chop   to cut
Anyway   besides
Innocent   harmless
Easy   simple
To ignore   to disregard
To provide   to supply
Intolerant   bigoted
Jealous   envious
Silly   foolish
Temper   mood
To differentiate   to distinguish
Mannequin   model
Homicide   murder
Stable   steady
To near   to approach
To connect   to associate, to put through (telephone)
Modern   contemporary
Diminish   curtail
Surroundings   environment
Twosome   pair
Ecstasy   joy
Early   premature
Precept   principle
Testament   testimony
Sunrise   dawn
Dormant   inactive
Hate   loathe
Arrive   reach, come
Mandatory   required
Independent   autonomous
More and more   increasingly
Zenith   peak
To vary   to differ
Domesticate   cultivate
Denims   jeans
Exactly   precisely
Formerly   previously
Insupportable   intolerable
Afraid   scared
To bring sth. On   to cause
To administer   to manage
Imperative   vital
Famous   famed, renowned
Gay   homosexual
To inspect   to examine
Untrue   unfaithful
Removable   detachable
Usually   generally, normally
Mean   unkind
Trivial   worthless
Comic   comedian
To select   to choose
To convey   to communicate
To maintain   to preserve
Honest   truthful
Forehead   brow
Cozy   comfortable
Decontrol   deregulate
Bad (not good)   poor, naughty
Informal   casual
Cube   dice
Instructions   directions
Belly   stomach
Insolvent   bankrupt
Blameless   innocent
Association   organization
To confuse   to mix up
Especially   particularly
Tailored   tailor
Uncommon   unusual
Nugatory   worthless
Mischievous   impish
Idler   loafer
Uncooked   raw
Constitution   structure
Conscientious   virtuous
Cranky   cross
Material   fabric
Cry   sob
To overlook   to miss
Twister   tornado
Organic   biological
Impetuous   reckless
To annoy   to irritate, to bother
Poisonous   toxic
Lucid   clear
Knowingly   deliberately
Numerous   many
To demonstrate   to protest
To disclose   to reveal
Prompt   immediate
Ardor   passion
Transitory   temporary
To narrate   to relate
Remoted   isolated
Nice   pleasing
Momentous   powerful
To begin   to start

Synonyms for IELTS in english

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500 Cambridge IELTS Vocabulary Band 9 Pdf

Words Synonyms
Generosity Bounty, Altruism
Odious Obnoxious, Malevolent
Malice Grudge, Vengefulness
Pertness Impudence, Flippancy
Wane Dwindle, Decline
Comprise Contain, Include
Haughty Pompous, Arrogant
Comic Jester, Clown
Luscious Delicious, Palatable
Feeble Frail, Weak
Obvious Apparent, Evident
Numerous Various, Profuse
Frugality Providence, Economy
Gloomy Cloudy, Bleak
Solicit Implore, Entreat
Eccentric Abnormal, Strange
Novice Beginner, Tyro
Baffle Faze, Astound
Wed Combine, Marry
Hasty Impetuous, Abrupt
Offensive Obnoxious, Abhorrent
Barrier Obstacle, Barricade
Mitigate Relieve, Alleviate
Conceit Immodesty, Egotism
Yield Surrender, Abdicate
Defile Pollute, Contaminate
Dissuade Counsel, Remonstrate
Mutual Identical, Joint
Throng Crowd, Assembly
Chastise Admonish, Punish
Occult Ambiguous, Latent
Epitome Example, Precise
Allure Fascinate, Entice
Quack Deceiver, Impostor
Successful Felicitous, Propitious
Bleak Austere, Grim
Hapless Ill-Fated, Unfortunate
Arraign Indict, Incriminate
Ornamental Adorned, Decorative
Camouflage Disguise, Cloak
Incompetent Unskilled, Inefficient
Invincible Impregnable, Unconquerable
Feud Quarrel, Strife
Gloom Darkness, Obscurity
Absolve Forgive, Pardon
Classic Typical, Simple
Insinuate Hint, Allude
Glory Renown, Dignity
Nonchalant Negligent, Indifferent
Abound Proliferate, Flourish
Urchin Orphan, Foundling
Linger Prolong, Loiter
Virtue Morality, Ethic
Blunt Insensitive, Dull
Indifferent Haughty, Equitable
Dwarf Petite, Diminutive
Jovial Cheerful, Frolicsome
Umbrage Offense, Chagrin
Yoke Harness, Connect
Tame Subdued, Compliant
Harmony Amicability, Conformity
Transient Transitory, Temporal
Decay Decompose, Collapse
Heretic Secularist, Non-Conformist
Tumultuous Riotous, Violent
Ravage Ruin, Destroy
Adherent Disciple, Follower
Molest Tease, Harass
Uncouth Clownish, Boorish
Merit Asset, Stature
Zeal Fervor, Eagerness
Forsake Renounce, Desert
Adjunct Added, Joined
Ingenuous Naive, Undisguised
Gorgeous Dazzling, Magnificent
Progress Betterment, Pace
Vanity Pretension, Conceit
Ruthless Inhumane, Remorseless
Immense Enormous, Huge
Impious Unholy, Irreligious
Destructive Pernicious, Catastrophic
Opaque Shady, Obscure
Knave Scoundrel, Dishonest
Vain Egoistic, Arrogant
Knotty Complicated, Difficult
Optimist Idealist
Pompous Arrogant, Haughty
Spurious Counterfeit, Fake
Tremble Vibrate
Succinct Terse, Concise
Humility Fawning, Resignation
Stranger Guest, Immigrant
Axiom Truism, Adage
Wan Faded, Pale
Impair Deteriorate, Diminish
Raid Foray, Incursion
Trenchant Forceful, Assertive
Amplify Deepen, Augment
Authentic Credible, Accurate
Masculine Strapping, Gallant
Transparent Diaphanous
Liable Bound, Accountable


Words Synonyms
Perturbed Anxious, Flustered
Treacherous Duplicitous, Dishonest
Liberal Generous, Magnanimous
Monotonous Tedious, Irksome
Shabby Impoverished, Miserable
Sporadic Scattered, Intermittent
Impenitent Obdurate, Uncontrite
Cunning Smart, Acute
Noxious Injurious, Baneful
Vilify Slur, Malign
Grisly Atrocious, Disgusting
Steep Lofty, Course
Notion Apprehension, Conceit
Quibble Prevaricate, Equivocate
Brittle Crisp, Breakable
Irrepressible Unconfined, Irresistible
Deliberate Intentional, Cautious
Wile Artifice, Trickery
Wary Circumspect, Cautious
Lucid Rational, Sound
Lax Careless, Slack
Rectify Remedy, Amend
Captivate Bewitch, Beguile
Honor Reverence, Adoration
Barbarous Perplex, Frustrate
Lunacy Insanity, Delusion
Chaste Pure, Virtuous
Derogatory Critical, Sarcastic
Sympathy Harmony, Tenderness
Retract Withdraw, Recant
Taciturn Silent, Reserved
Stain Tarnish, Blemish
Rescind Abrogate, Annul
Hideous Shocking, Frightful
Equivocal Hazy, Uncertain
Hypocrisy Pharisaism, Deception
Obscure Vague, Arcane
Obstruct Prevent, Impede
Tranquil Composed, Peaceful
System Entity, Scheme
Deprive Divest, Despoil
Invective Censure, Accusation
Ascend , Climb Escalate
Ordain Impose, Order
Adhere Observe, Comply
Disdain Despise, Detest
Acrimony Bitterness, Harshness
Inclination Affection, Disposition
Terse Compact, Incisive
Luxuriant Abundant, Profuse
Contrary Conflicting, Dissimilar
Eradicate Exterminate, Destroy
Murky Dreary, Dusky
Confident Undaunted, Bold
Lure Entice, Attract
Impulsive Impetuous, Flaky
Restrain Confine, Detain
Awkward Blundering, Rude
Boisterous Rowdy, Clamorous
Impute Ascribe, Attribute
Justify Exculpate, Defend
Defray Pay, Spend
Deceit Artifice, Deception
Judicious Prudent, Thoughtful
Captivate Fascinate, Charm
Vagrant Roaming, Wander
Concord Accord, Agreement
Encumbrance Obstacle, Hindrance
Infringe Encroach, Violate
Docile Pliant, Pliable
Outrage Maltreatment, Offence
Calumny Aspersion, Defamation
Alien Outsider, Foreigner
Thrifty Prudent, Frugal
Conspicuous Obvious, Prominent
Ecstasy Exultation, Delight
Bold Adventurous
Concede Permit, Yield
Intrigue Conspiracy, Scheme
Hazard Danger, Peril
Compassion Sympathy, Kindness
Glut Satiate, Stuff
Squalid Filthy, Dirty
Eager Acquisitive, Keen
Eclipse Dimming, Diminution
Rout Overthrow, Vanquish
Guile Deceit, Cunning
Sublime Eminent, Magnificent
Deride Taunt, Mock
Obtain Inherit, Access
Bewitching Charming, Alluring
Insolvent Destitute, Indigent
Acumen Brilliance, Awareness
Zig -zag Wayward, Oblique
Prudence Discretion, Vigilance
Carnal Fleshly, Earthly
Catholic Liberal, Generic
Zenith Apex, Summit
Consequence Outcome, Effect
Abjure Renounce, Forsake
Audacity Courage, Boldness
Ominous Foreboding, Menacing
Jubilant Triumphant, Rejoicing
Temperate Moderate, Cool
Nullify Annual, Cancel
Urge Implore, Incite
Benign Friendly, Favorable
Wicked Immoral, Vicious
Compact Thick, Bunched
Fluctuate Vacillate, Deflect
Vivid Lucid, Eloquent
Sacred Divine, Cherish
Taboo Ban, Prohibit
Modest Courteous, Humble
Efface Obliterate, Destroy
Wield Employ, Exert
Redeem Liberate, Recover
Inevitable Ascertained, Unavoidable
Abject Servile, Despicable
Befogged Dim, Becloud
Infernal Accursed, Damned
Abortive Unproductive, Vain
Calm Unruffled, Harmonious
Allay Soothe, Pacify
Resentment Wrath, Displeasure


Words Synonyms
Courtesy Reverence, Generosity
Miraculous Extraordinary, Marvelous
Alleviate Relieve, Abate
Shrewd Craftly, Cunning
Capable Able, Competent
Peerless Unrivalled, Matchless
Demolish Devastate, Ruin
Tedious Wearisome. Irksome
Frivolous Worthless, Petty
Adamant Inflexible, Stubborn
Slander Malign, Defame
Zest Enthusiasm, Delight
Base Coarse, Vulgar
Abolish Annual, Abrogate
Insipid Prosaic, Tedious
Knell Last Blow, Death Knell
Immaculate Spotless, Unsullied
Fallacy Mistake, Delusion
Clandestine Fruitive, Covert
Fragile Infirm, Weak
Decipher Reveal, Interpret
Incongruous Absurd, Inappropriate
Waive Remove, Relinquish
Vivacious Energetic, Spirited
Interesting Riveting, Enchanting
Eloquence Fluency, Expression
Outbreak Insurrection, Eruption
Calculating Devious, Canny
Cease Desist, Terminate
Remnant Piece, Residue
Condemn Chide, Castigate
Vouch Consent, Confirm
Quarantine Screen, Seclude
Sterile Impotent, Barren
Quaint Strange, Queer
Vicious Obnoxious, Corrupt
Vigilant Alert, Cautious
Lenient Merciful, Compassionate
Rustic Uncivilized, Rural
Just Impartial, Honest
Mollify Assuage, Appease
Immaculate Impeccable, Exquisite
Genuine Factual, Absolute
Superficial Shallow, Partial
Niggardly Covetous, Miser
Venom Malevolence, Poison
Consolidate Strengthen, Solidify
Tyro Riotous, Beginner
Saucy Insolent, Impudent
Servile Docile, Slavish
Hamstrung Cripple Debilitate
Keen Poignant, Sharp
Winsome Comely, Beautiful
Benevolent Generous, Benign
Substantial Solid, Considerable
Consent Permit, Agree
Humble Timid, Meek
Ratify Approve, Consent
Sneer Scorn, Mock
Reverence Esteem, Respect
Prompt Punctual, Precise
Reason Bounds, Acumen
Barren Sterile, Desolate
Callous Indurated, Insensitive
Wilt Perish, Wither
Falter Demur, Stumble
Precarious Insecure, Doubtful
Startled Shocked, Frightened
Remonstrate Protest, Censure
Rebellious Attacking, Restless
Fabricate Produce, Construct
Propagate Fecundate, Inseminate
Paramount Eminent, Foremost
Oracular Vague, Cryptic
Obliging Willing, Complaisant
Imminent Brewing, Impending
Indigent Impoverished, Destitute
Subvert Sabotage, Demolish
Baroque Gilt, Florid
Bind Predicament
Timid Coward, Diffident
Sarcastic Derisive, Ironical
Captivity Confinement, Imprisonment
Yell Shriek, Shout
Thick Massive, Chunky
Morbid Macabre, Nasty
Intricate Complicated, Tangled
Persuade Impress, Cajole
Peevish Sullen, Perverse
Immerse Involve, Submerge
Languid Apathetic, Sluggish
Nimble Brisk, Prompt
Compress Shrink, Abbreviate


Words Synonyms
Ferocious Fierce, Cruel
Impediment Obstruction, Hurdle
Uncouth Ungraceful, Awkward
Mandatory Requisite, Imperative
Celebrated Lionized, Acclaimed
Venerable Honored, Esteemed
Callous Unfeeling, Obdurate
Despair Misery, Depression
Reluctant Averse, Cautious
Trivial Insignificant, Trifling
Remorse Penitence, Regret
Bawdy Coarse, Erotic
Frantic Agitated, Violent
Veteran Experienced, Ingenious
Creation Foundation, Formation
Pacify Chasten, Appease
Mutinous Insurgent, Recalcitrant
Jejune Boring, Dull
Subsequent Following, Consequent
Fanatical Biased, Narrow-Minded
Sycophant Flatterer, Parasite
Grudge Aversion, Hatred
Endeavour Aspire, Undertake
Valor Prowess, Bravery
Harass Molest, Irritate
Busy Engaged, Active
Admonish Reprove, Counsel
Intrinsic Fundamental, Genuine
Rapidity Velocity, Quickness
Calamity Misfortune, Adversity
Insipid Vapid, Tasteless
Pamper Indulge, Flatter
Perverse Obstinate, Petulant
Batty Silly, Insane
Accord Harmony, Agreement
Jaded Exhausted, Tired
Munificent Hospitable, Liberal
Tranquil Calm, Amicable
Kindred Species, Relation
Candid Bluff, Blunt
Yearn Crave, Languish
Consolidate Fortify, Centralize
Quell Reduce, Subdue
Savage Untamed, Wild
Concur Agree, Approve
Adversity Calamity, Misfortune
Enormous Mammoth, Colossal
Spry Brisk, Nimble
Tenacious Dodge, Stubborn
Juvenile Tender, Young
Tenement Digs, Apartment
Bleak Blank, Austere
Contradict Oppose, Deny
Hamper Prevent, Retard
Dense Piled, Opaque
Obstinate Adamant, Stubborn
Momentous Eventful, Notable
Predicament Dilemma, Plight
Scanty Insufficient, Scarce
Subterfuge Stratagem, Deceit
Cheap Inexpensive, Competitive
Immunity Privilege, Prerogative
Contempt Disregard, Scorn
Denounce Boycott, Blame
Cement Mortar, Plaster
Stupor Unconsciousness, Lethargy
Gracious Beneficent, Courteous
Impartial Unbiased, Just
Lavish Excessive, Abundant
Placid Calm, Tranquil
Gather Huddle, Converge
Instill Inject, Inculcate
Abate Decrease, Moderate
Bustle Tumult, Commotion
Abash Rattle, Disconcert
Offspring Sibling, Descendant
Coarse Boorish, Bawdy
Censure Reprimand, Rebuke
Utterly Entirely, Completely

100 Most Important Vocabulary Words For IELTS

Academic  relating to education and scholarship
Accelerate  to increase the speed of something, usually by adding force or power.
Accommodate  provide something desired or needed
Achievement  accomplishment of a goal
Adequate  enough or suitable for a particular purpose
Advantageous  beneficial, favorable
Aggravate  make worse or more severe
Appreciative  expressing gratitude or admiration
Appropriate  suitable for the circumstances
Assess  evaluate the nature, quality, or ability of something
Authentic  genuine, not copied or false
Bridge  a structure that allows people to cross an obstacle
Capable  having the ability or power to do something
Catalyst  a substance which increases the rate of reaction
Circumstance  any condition that affects an event or situation
Collate  compare and analyze in order to draw meaningful conclusions
Compatible  able to coexist peacefully or work together harmoniously
Consequence  a result of an action or condition
Considerable  large in amount, size, or degree
Constitution  the set of fundamental principles according to which a state is governed
Convert  to change in form, character, or function
Criteria  the principles by which something can be judged or decided
Cultivate  to foster the growth of an activity or practice
Deficiency  an amount that is insufficient or below standard
Dependable  reliable and trustworthy
Derive  to obtain something from a source
Discrepancy  a difference between two or more facts or claims
Entrepreneurial  relating to the process of setting up and running new businesses
Essential  absolutely necessary, vital
Exclusive  excluding some or all others
Expand  to make or become larger in size, number, scope, etc.
Facilitate  make easy or less difficult
Fundamental  forming the basis of something
Implement  put a plan into action
Incentive  something that motivates someone to do something
Indispensable  absolutely necessary
Inevitable  certain to happen, unavoidable
Innovation  introduction of new things or methods
Insightful  having or showing deep understanding or knowledge
Integrate  combine parts into a whole
Intuitive  using instinctive feeling or knowledge without reasoning
Leverage  to use something as an advantage to gain a desired result.
Maximize  to make the best use of time, money, or resources available in order to achieve a goal or maximize an outcome.
Obligation  a moral or legal duty
Optimize  to make the best of something, such as a situation or process.
Overcome  to mount or defeat, usually after a long struggle or effort.
Perceive  to become aware of or recognize through the senses.
Persistence  continuing firmly in an opinion or course of action
Predetermine  to decide on or settle in advance; predefine.
Prerequisite  essential qualification, requirement, or condition
Preserve  to maintain, protect, or keep from decay and destruction.
Prioritize  arrange items by importance or urgency
Proficient  having great skill and knowledge
Prospective  related to the future
Qualitative  relating to the quality or character of something
Quantify  express in numerical terms
Realistic  having a sensible and practical approach
Refine  to make improvements or adjustments to something in order to make it better or more effective.
Reinforce  to strengthen or support with additional resources, such as money, personnel, or supplies.
Relevant  connected or appropriate to a particular situation
Remarkable  very extraordinary and worthy of attention
Remedy  something that cures or relieves a problem
Resolve  to reach a decision or settle an issue
Resourceful  having the ability to find quick and clever solutions
Responsive  quickly reacting to commands, requests, or situations
Strategize  to plan out an approach for achieving a specific goal; devise a strategy.
Sustainability  maintaining something over a period of time
Synthesize  to combine different ideas, influences, or elements into a unified whole.
Technological  related to technology and its applications
Thorough  doing a task completely and carefully
Transform  to make a substantive change in something’s form, structure, or appearance.
Transformative  having the power or capacity to change something
Transparent  allowing one to see through, clearly expressed
Utilitarian  providing the greatest benefit for more people
Validate  to prove the accuracy and correctness of something; confirm its validity.
Versatile  having many uses or able to do many things
Viable  able to succeed and develop effectively
Virtuous  possessing strong moral principles and values
Widespread  existing in a large area, common or popular
Zealous  full of enthusiasm and eagerness

Vocabulary Words For IELTS Writing Task 2

There are different parts of IELTS Writing Task 2, each requiring its own set of vocabulary words. Here are some words that may help you get a better score in the writing task.

Introduction Words and Phrases

1. The purpose of this essay is to….

2. This essay will explore…

3. In this paper, I will discuss…

4. The main focus of my argument is…

5. My primary objective in this essay is to…

6. The aim of this writing is to…

7. The topic I am examining is…

8. This essay will examine the issue of…

9. In this essay, I shall analyze…

10. The primary focus of this paper is on…

Body Paragraph Words and Phrases

1. The first point to consider is that…

2. An additional factor worth mentioning is…

3. Furthermore, I want to emphasize…

4. Another relevant point is that…

5. In addition, it is worth noting that…

6. At the same time, one must remember that…

7. In contrast, other people believe that…

8. To illustrate this further, consider the following example…

9. A key argument put forward is that…

10. It can be argued that…

Conclusion Words and Phrases

1. To conclude, it can be said that…

2. All things considered, it appears that…

3. Taking all of this into account, the most logical conclusion is…

4. To sum up, it is clear that….

5. In summary, the evidence presented here demonstrates conclusively that…

6. Ultimately, it can be concluded that…

7. To put it another way, …

8. All in all, therefore, it can be said that…

9. Consequently, it can be asserted that…

10. In light of this evidence, it is concluded that…

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