30 Classroom English Phrases Examples

A Language teacher’s life is never easy. They are always on their toes trying to remember the right words to say in order to engage their students in learning. Here is a list of 30 English phrases that every Language teacher should know and use in the classroom. These phrases will not only help you engage your students, but also make your teaching job easier.

30 Classroom English Phrases 

Classroom English Phrases

1-May I come in?

2-I’m sorry, but could you please open the window?

3-Can you please pass me the salt?

4-I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Could you please repeat that?

5-Can you please speak more slowly?

6-What does this word/phrase mean?

7-How do you say “________” in English?

8-Is there anything else you can tell me about this topic?

9-Can we review what we’ve learned so far?

10-Are there any questions before we move on?

11-Let’s have a five-minute break and then we’ll continue.

12-We’ll finish up today’s lesson in the next five minutes.

13-I’m afraid we’re out of time for today.

14-That’s all for today. Thank you for your attention.

15-Good work today, everyone. See you tomorrow!

16-This homework assignment is due next week.

17-There will be a quiz on this material next class.

18-Please turn to page ________ in your textbook.

Classroom Phrases

19-I’m going to write something on the board and I want you to copy it into your notebook.

20-We’re going to watch a short film now. Please pay attention to the characters and their actions.

21-I want everyone to pair up with someone near you and discuss the following questions for two minutes.

22-Now, I want each group to share their answers with the class.

23-Let’s brainstorm some ideas about this topic.

24-I want you to work with a partner and come up with a list of pros and cons about this issue.

25-OK, now let’s take a vote on which option we should choose.

26-Can someone please volunteer to explain their answer?

27-Let’s have a show of hands. How many people agree with ________?

28-Does anyone have any other comments or questions?

29-That’s an interesting point of view. Does anyone disagree?

30-Well, that concludes our lesson for today. Thank you all for participating!

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