50 Examples Of Collective Nouns

When you think of collective nouns, what comes to mind? A group of ducks? A herd of cattle? A murder of crows? While there are many collective nouns that are well-known, there are also many that are not. In this blog post, we will explore 50 examples of collective nouns.

A collective noun is a word used to describe a group of objects, animals, or people. While most singular nouns can be made plural simply by adding an “s”, collective nouns often require a different form. For example, the word “flock” is used to describe a group of birds, while the word “herd” is used to describe a group of cows. This can be confusing for many learners of English, as there are no hard and fast rules for when to use which collective noun.

However, there are some general patterns that can be useful to keep in mind. For example, collective nouns for groups of animals are often based on their habits or behaviours. A “pride” of lions, a “murder” of crows, and a “gaggle” of geese are all examples of this. Similarly, collective nouns for groups of people often reflect their occupation or purpose. A “board” of directors, a “class” of students, and a “ jury” of peers are all examples of this.

Examples Of Collective Nouns

examples of collective nouns
examples of collective nouns
1.       A fleet of ships
2.       A galaxy of stars
3.       A forest of trees
4.       A chest of drawers
5.       A heap of rubbish
6.       A group of dancers
7.       A horde of savages
8.       A catalogue of prices
9.       A harvest of wheat
10.   A book of notes
11.   A hive of bees
12.   A body of men
13.   A bunch of crocks
14.   A herd of cattle
15.   A bale of cotton
16.   A host of angels
17.   A gang of prisoners
18.   A caravan of gypsies
19.   A chest of drawers
20.   A bouquet of flowers
21.   A haul of fish
22.   A batch of bread
23.   A line of kings
24.   A group of islands
25.   A board of directors
26.   A party of friends
27.   A bevy of ladies
28.   A nest of mice
29.   A gaggle of geese
30.   A bevy of ladies
31.   A pack of thieves
32.   A choir of singers
33.   A block of flats
34.   A pack of wolves
35.   A bundle of sticks
36.   A horde of savages
37.   A bunch of crocks
38.   A catalogue of prices
39.   A body of men
40.   A hail of bullets
41.   A caravan of gypsies
42.   A basket of fruit
43.   A library of books
44.   A battery of guns
45.   A mob of rioters
46.   A bowl of rice
47.   A hedge of bushes
48.   A hand of bananas
49.   A bunch of keys
50.   A chest of drawers

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