+50 List of Collective Nouns for Plants & Plant Products

As gardeners, we spend a lot of time thinking about and talking about plants. But how often do we give plants their due respect with creative collective nouns? Today, we’re changing that by sharing a comprehensive list of +50 collective nouns for plants and plant products. From a grove of trees to a bed of flowers, this list will have you thinking about plants in a new light!

Collective Nouns for Plants

collective noun for plants
collective noun for plants
a heap of durians
a spike of cacti
a stand of trees
a bunch of flowers
a clone of aspen
an advance of birches
a bowl of rice
a canvas of maples
a tassel of corn
a pack of brownies
a trembling of aspens
a clump of trees
a mess of alders
an agar of arabidopsis
a crate of fruits
a henge of prunus/stoneftruit
a spinney of trees
a bunch of grapes/bananas
a chamber of boxwoods
a clump of plants
a nursery of plants
a towering of redwoods
a carpet of sphagnum
a garden of roses/flowers
a vase of flowers
a majesty of oaks
a rarity of orchids
a comb of bananas
a nosegay of flowers
a pack of aloes
a basket of fruits
a copse of trees
a horde of hostas
a gloom of yews
a grove of trees
a reservoir of succulents
a flurry of cottongrass
a tuft of grass
an orchard of peaches
a bouquet of flowers
a droop of peonies
a row of plants
a pod of peas
a vincent of sunflowers
a firework of ferns
a patch of grass
a shrubbery of shrubs
a bed of flowers
a drift of dandelions
a pot of plants

50 Collective Nouns for Plants

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