+50 List of Collective Nouns for Things and Places

When learning a new language, one of the first things you learn are the different collective nouns for things and places. These words are used to describe a group of items or people as a single entity. Here is a list of 50 collective nouns for things and places in English.

Collective Nouns for Things and Places

collective noun for place or things
collective noun for place or things
a chest of drawers
a heap of sand
a nest of rumors
a battery of guns
a cellar of wine
a series of events
a chain/range of mountains
a palette of colors
an atlas of maps
a confederation/union of states
a sheaf of arrows
a group/chain of islands
a ring of keys
a string of pearls
a bale of cotton
a budget of papers
a pair of shoes
a book of exercises
a cluster of stars
a fleet of lorries
a fleet of ships
a stack of hay
a network of roads
a rabble of remedies
a set of tools
a catalogue of goods
an armada of ships
a batch of breads
a gallery of pictures
a line of cars
a bundle of sticks
a glossary of words/phrases
a network of computers
a bank of circuits
a bank of monitors
a library of books
a pack of cards
an album of photographs
an alliance of countries
a clutch of eggs
a list of names
a shower of rain
a babel of words
a museum of art
an anthology of poems/prose
a block of flats
a box of cigars
a flight of stairs
a bunch of books/keys
a whirl of windmills
an agenda of tasks


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