50 New English Words With Meaning and Sentences

In order to keep up with the ever-changing language, new words are added to the English dictionary every year. Here is a list of 50 new English words with their meanings and example sentences. Learning these words will make you more fluent and literate in English.

50 New English Words

new english words
new english words

1- Abolish: formally put an end to

They were able to abolish the law with a two-thirds majority vote.

2- Abridge: shorten or reduce in length

The novel was abridged for students so that they could read it in class.

3- Accessible: easy to obtain or reach

After the hurricane, many people were left without accessible drinking water.

4- Advocate: speak or write in favor of

She is an advocate for women’s rights and often speaks at rallies.

5- Alloy: a mixture of two or more metals

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.

6- Amplify: make larger or louder

The new sound system will amplify the music so that everyone can hear it.

7- Apparent: clearly visible or understood

It was apparent to everyone that she was lying.

8- Assert: state or claim confidently

He asserted that he was innocent of all charges.

9- Attribute: something that is a part of someone or something

Kindness is one of her most admirable attributes.

10- Censor: remove anything considered offensive

The government censors the media so that the public does not see violence.

11- Collapse: fall down suddenly

The roof of the old building collapsed after years of disrepair.

12- Compile: gather together information from various sources

They compiled a list of all the books they needed for their classes.

13- Concede: admit that something is true

The opposing team conceded defeat after the game was over.

14- Condense: make something shorter or more concise

The author condensed her novel into a short story.

15- Conflict: a fight or disagreement

There is always conflict in the world, but we must learn to live together peacefully.

16- Contradict: go against or deny

His story contradicts what he told us last week.

17- Convey: communicate or express

She conveyed her thanks with a smile and a nod.

18- Decimate: kill or destroy a large number of people or things

The disease decimated the population of the city.

19- Demolish: destroy completely

The company plans to demolish the old factory and build a new one in its place.

20- Designate: assign or select someone for a particular purpose

The president designated her as the new ambassador to the United Nations.

21- Deteriorate: become worse

The situation in the city has deteriorated since the war began.

22- Devastate: cause great damage or harm

The hurricane devastated the small island.

23- Deviate: go off course or away from what is usual or expected

He deviated from his usual route and got lost.

24- Diffuse: spread out or disperse

The diffuse light of the sun was shining through the clouds.

25- Diminish: reduce in size, amount, or intensity

Over time, the pain diminished and she was able to move her arm again.

26- Disclose: reveal or make known

The company disclosed its plans to build a new factory.

27- Discredit: damage the reputation of someone or something

The scandal discredited the politician and he resigned from office.

28- Dismiss: reject or disapprove of someone or something

The court dismissed the case for lack of evidence.

29- Dispense: distribute or give out

The doctor dispensed medication to the patients.

30- Dissolve: cause to disappear or no longer exist

The company was dissolved after it went bankrupt.

31- Distort: twist or change the shape of something

The mirror distorted her reflection.

32- Enforce: make sure that people obey a law or rule

The police enforce the law.

33- Exclude: keep out or prevent from being included

The club excludes members who do not pay their dues.

34- Execute: carry out or put into effect

They executed the plan and it was a success.

35- Expand: increase in size or amount

The company plans to expand its operations into new markets.

36- Explicit: clearly stated or shown

The instructions were explicit and easy to follow.

37- Extinct: no longer in existence

Dinosaurs are extinct.

38- Facilitate: make something easier or possible

The new system will facilitate communication between the departments.

39- Fashion: make or create something in a particular style

He fashioned a crude weapon out of a stick and some stones.

40- Function: work or operate in a proper way

The heart functions to pump blood through the body.

41- Generate: create or produce

The company generates a lot of waste.

42- Impose: force someone to accept something

The government imposed new taxes on cigarettes.

43- Implicate: involve someone in something, usually something bad

The evidence implicates him in the crime.

44- Incorporate: include something as part of a whole

The company plans to incorporate new technology into its products.

45- Indict: charge someone with a crime

The grand jury indicted him on charges of tax evasion.

46- Infer: deduce or conclude from the evidence

From their conversation, I inferred that they were not married.

47- Interfere: get in the way or prevent something from happening

Please do not interfere with my work.

48- Invalidate: make something no longer valid or effective

The new law invalidates the old one.

49- Investigate: look into or examine something thoroughly

The police are investigating the cause of the fire.

50- Justify: show that something is right or reasonable

He justified his actions by saying that he was only trying to help.



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