A to Z Animal Sounds List (Animal Sounds in Words)

Animals are well-known for making a variety of distinct sounds. From the majestic roar of a lion to the hilarious honking of geese, animals create an array of noise that can easily captivate our attention and intrigue us.

In this blog post, we’re taking you on a journey from A to Z with some of the most fascinating animal sounds in words. Whether it’s birdsongs or whimpers, find out what kind of noise each letter makes as you explore our comprehensive list!

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Animal Sounds List A to Z

Animal Animal Sounds
Alpaca Cluck, Hum, Scream
Armadillo Grunt
Apes Gibber
Aardvark Bark, Grunt
Alligator Bellow, Hiss
Ant Cry
Antelope Snort
Bat Screech, Squeak
Beetle Gibber, Drone
Bee Buzz
Buffalo Drone
Badger Growl
Bear Roar, Growl
Bittern Growl, Boom
Birds Chirrup, Chirp, Sing
Chimpanzee Chatter, Gibber
Chicks Cheep
Cow Moo
Crab Chirp, Click, Creak
Cock Crow, Cock-A-Doodle-Doo
Crane Clang
Cockroach Hiss
Coyote Bell, Troat
Cricket Chirp
Camel Grunt
Crow Caw-Caw
Cattle Moo
Curlew Pipe
Cockerel Crows
Cat Mew, Purr, Hiss
Cheetah Bleat, Chirp
Chinchilla Squeak
Capybara Chatter, Bark
Cicada Chirp
Calves Bleat
Chicken Cluck, Crow

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Animal Animal Sounds
Deer Buck, Bleat
Duck Quack
Donkey Hee-Haw, Braw
Dove Coo
Dog Bark, Howl, Woof
Dolphin Click
Elk Bugle
Elephant Trumpet
Eagle Screech
Frog Croak, Ribbit
Fish Blub, Glug, Swish
Ferret Dook
Fly Buzz
Fox Bark, Scream, Howl
Guinea Pig Wheek
Gerbil Purr
Goose Honk, Hiss
Giraffe Bleat, Hum
Geese Cackle, Quack
Gorilla Grunt
Grasshopper Chirp
Goat Bleat, Maa
Gaur Low, Moo
Hogs Grunt
Hummingbird Hum
Hare Squeak
Hippopotamus Growl
Hornet Buzz
Horse Neigh, Whinny, Nicker
Hyena Laugh
Hen Cackle, Cluck
Hermit Crab, Chirp
Hamster Squeak
Human Whisper, Whistle, Sing
Jackal Howl
Kangaroo Chortle
Koala Scream, Bellow, Wail

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Animal Animal Sounds
Linnet Chuckle
Locust Chirp
Llama Laugh
Lark Sing, Warble
Lark Sings
Leopard Roar, Growl, Snarl
Lion Roar, Growl, Snarl
Lamb Bleat
Monkey Scream, Chatter
Mosquito Buzz, Whine
Mole Chirp
Magpie Chatter
Mouse Squeak
Moose Bellow
Nightingale Pipe, Sing, Warble
Owl Hoot, Hiss, Caterwaul For
Otter Meow, Squeak
Okapi Cough, Bellow
Ox Low, Moo
Ostrich Chirp, Bark, Low Hum
Pigeon Coo
Polar Bear Growl
Penguin Honk, Bleat
Porcupine Mumble, Grunt, Snuff
Peacock Scream, Squawk
Pig Grunt, Squeal, Snort
Porpoise Chitter
Possum Growl, Click, Hiss
Prairie Dog Bark
Parrot Squawk, Talk
Panda Huff-Quack, Whistle
Quali Call


Animal Animal Sounds
Rabbit Squeak
Raven Caw
Rhinoceros Bellow
Rooster Crow
Raccoon Trill
Rat Squeak
Sparrow Pipe, Warble,
Seagull Scream, Squawk
Swallow Twitters
Snail Rawr, Cry
Sealion Bark
Spider Hiss
Seal Bark
Shark Neigh, Whinny
Songbird Chirrup, Chirp
Sea Lion Bark
Swan Cry, Trumpet, Bugle
Squirrel Squeak
Snake Hiss, Rattle
Sheep Baa, Maa, Meh
Termite Thump, Rattling
Tokay Gecko Croak
Turkey Gobble
Turtle Scream
Tapir Squeak
Tiger Roar,
Viper Scream
Vulture Scream
Woodpecker Click, Laugh, Yap
Wildebeest Low, Moo
Wallaby Chatter, Cluck
Whale Sing
Wolf Howl, Growl, Bay
Wombat Growl
Wren Warbles
Wild Boar Grumble
Yak Grunt
Zebra Neigh, Whinny, Nicker

Wild Animal Sounds List

Below is the list of wild animals and their sounds.

Animals Animals Sounds
Snakes Hiss
Eagles Scream
Horses Neigh, Snort, Nicker
Koalas Scream, Bellow, Wail
Ducks Quack
Ravens Croak
Cats Mew, Purr,
Geese Cackle, Quack
Parrots Talk, Screech, Squawk
Lions Roar, Growl
Grasshoppers Chirp
Giraffes Bleat
Hamsters Squeak
Frogs Croak
Jackals Howl
Chickens Cluck, Cackle
Bats Screech
Whales Sing
Chicks Cheep
Pigeons Coo
Ostriches Chirp, Bark
Calves Bleat
Crickets Chirp, Creak
Goats Bleat
Monkeys Chatter, Whoop
Rooster Crow
Sheep Bleat
Deers Bell
Hares Squeak
Kangaroos Chortle
Tigers Growl, Roar
Hens Cackle, Cluck
Dolphins Click
Turkeys Gobble
Birds Chirrup, Chirp
Peacocks Scream
Humans Whisper, Whistle, Talk
Mice Squeak And Squeal
Camels Grunt
Cattle Moo, Bawl (Calf)
Mosquitoes Whine
Oxen Bellow, Low
Larks Sing, Warble
Wolves Howl, Cry, Yell
Rabbits Squeak, Drum
Seagulls Scream, Squawk
Foxes Bark, Yelp, Simper
Cows Low, Moo
Cocks Crow
Lambs Bleat
Dogs Bark
Donkeys Bray
Hummingbirds Hum
Seals Bark
Rats Squeak
Pigs Snort, Grunt
Elephants Trumpet, Roar
Hogs Grunt
Flies Buzz, Hum
Hyenas Laugh, Scream
Apes Gibber
Zebras Whinny
Crows Caw
Doves Coo
Bears Growl
Bees Hum And Buzz
Owls Hoot, Scream
Rhinoceros Bellow
Nightingales Pipe, Sing, Warble
Vultures Scream

Animal Sounds in Sentences

  • Snake was slithering and hissing loudly.
  • The dog was barking and yipping excitedly.
  • The bird was chirping melodiously.
  • The cow was mooing softly.
  • The pig was oinking and snorting delightedly.
  • The horse was neighing and whinnying.
  • The frog was croaking and ribbiting joyfully.
  • The lion was roaring powerfully.
  • The monkey was chattering and gibbering.
  • The goat was bleating contentedly.
  • The elephant was trumpeting majestically.
  • The rooster was crowing loudly.
  • The sheep was baaing gently.
  • The cat was meowing sweetly.
  • The duck was quacking happily.
  • The bat was screeching shrilly.
  • The tiger was roaring ferociously.
  • The wolf was howling and yelping.
  • The bear was growling and snarling.
  • The rabbit was thumping and hopping merrily.
  • The squirrel was chirping and scurrying quickly.
  • The fox was yipping and snarling.
  • The quail was cackling and clucking.
  • The woodpecker was tapping and chirping.
  • The owl was hooting softly.
  • The hummingbird was buzzing and whirring.
  • The sparrow was chirping and tweeting.

Pictures – Animals and Their Sounds

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