+550 List Of Adverbs Ending In LY

The English language is full of adverbs. There are short adverbs and long adverbs. Adverbs ending in -ly and adverbs not ending in -ly. But did you know there are over 550 adverbs that end in -LY.


Adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. They tell us how, when, where, in what manner, or to what extent something is done.

For example:

  1. He swims slowly. (How?)
  2. He is a slow swimmer. (To what extent?)
  3. He swims slowly compared to Michael Phelps. (In what manner?)
  4. He swims slowly because he is old. (Why?)

Most adverbs are created by adding the suffix -ly to an adjective, as seen in the first example (slowly). However, many common adverbs, such as fast, early, hard, and late, do not end in -ly.

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list of adverbs ending in ly

Here is a list of adverbs that end in -LY:

Adverbs Ending In LY

Helplessly Enticingly Correctly
Deceivingly Inwardly Slyly
Coaxingly Frenetically Clumsily
Sedately Speedily Mostly
Truthfully Generally Impulsively
Coolly Openly Successfully
Boldly Likely Greedily
Softly Usually Neatly
Oddly Messily Extremely
Rightfully Safely Wisely
Affectionately Calmly Intensely
Perfectly Urgently Wonderingly
Darkly Separately Hatefully
Determinedly Understandably Desperately
Gleefully Sleepily Commonly

adverbs ending in ly

Instantly Inadvertently Crossly
Warmly Stingily Tightly
Meaningfully Proudly Restfully
Grumpily Importantly Seriously
Heavily Diligently Unfortunately
Violently Ferociously Thoroughly
Enviously Properly Reproachfully
Heartily Nearly Cheaply
Evenly Queerly Rapidly
Obviously Fairly Readily
Foolishly Amazingly Carefully
Nervously Excitedly Rudely
Occasionally Expertly Sadly
Wonderfully Angrily Regretfully
Loudly Knowingly Tremendously
Meekly Quaveringly Rigidly
Especially Mindfully Righteously
Vastly Kindly Solidly
Wildly Sympathetically Reassuringly
Fervently Sternly Thoughtfully
Wearily Superstitiously Accusingly
Fully Mysteriously Understandingly
Emptily Strictly Abruptly
Daintily Stubbornly Absently
Helpfully Partially Unwillingly
Nicely Exclusively Ravenously
Enormously Greatly Quickly
Conspicuously Positively Miserably
Selfishly Finally Surprisingly
Bravely Madly Professionally
Truly Negatively Immediately
Rapturously Worriedly Distinctly
Sheepishly Frankly Anxiously
Searchingly Delightfully Poorly

adverbs ending in ly 4

Politely Compassionately Guiltily
Mockingly Incredibly Mechanically
Mentally Quintessentially Wholly
Suspiciously Breathlessly Longingly
Hopelessly Totally Innocently
Passionately Continually Frantically
Arrogantly Highly Fortunately
Dangerously Scarcely Lightly
Doggedly Quietly Closely
Frightfully Beautifully Seemingly
Viciously Fearlessly Thankfully
Happily Utterly Sharply
Marvelously Lawfully Reluctantly
Freely Bashfully Increasingly
Furiously Naturally Unhappily
Willfully Actually Brightly
Intently Perpetually Curiously
Entirely Powerfully Triumphantly
Outwardly Adversely Briskly
Gratefully Patiently Crisply
Exactly Famously Terribly
Dearly Gently Pleasingly
Clearly Venomously Faithfully
Tenderly Carelessly Generously
Playfully Cheerfully Hungrily
Dreamily Unfairly Harshly
Disgustingly Certainly Delicately
Potentially Slowly Cleverly
Energetically Jokingly Pleasantly

adverbs ending in ly 3 adverbs ending in ly 2 adverbs ending in ly 1

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