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Daily Routine Common English Phrases

Daily Routine English Speaking

1- Who are you?

2- They will find you.

3- Do your homework.

4- Where did you go?

5- When will you arrive?

6- I need your help.

7- You’re welcome.

8- Congratulations!

9- Sorry, I’m late.

10- No problem.

11- Excuse me.

12- Can I help you?

13- May I ask a question?

14- Let me show you around.

15- How are things going?

16- Do you understand what I’m saying?

17- Can you speak slowly, please?

18- Could you please repeat that?

19- Where would you like to start?

20- Is everything all right?

21- I can’t follow you.

22- Can you follow me?

23- I’m afraid I can’t help you.

24- That’s a good point.

25- I don’t quite see your point.

26- What do you think?

27- Let me give you an example.

28- Can you give me an example, please?

29- That’s a very good question.

30- Do you have any questions?

31- Yes, I have a question.

32- No, I don’t have any questions.

33- That’s all for now.

34- Thank you for your time.

35- In conclusion, …

36- Any questions?

38- I’m sorry, but …

39- Does that make sense?

40- Do you see what I mean?

41- Can you see what I’m saying?

42- That’s clear, isn’t it?

43- Is that clear?

44- What do you think?

45- What’s your opinion?

46- What are your thoughts on that?

47- How do you feel about that?

48- What’s your reaction to that?

49- Do you have any comments?

50- Any thoughts?

51- Anything else?

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Daily Routine English Speaking Phrases

1- She is my friend.

2- I have a meeting with my boss at 3 o’clock.

3- I’m going to the gym after work.

4- I always make time for my family.

5- I need to buy some groceries on the way home.

6- I usually watch TV before bed.

7- I always brush my teeth twice a day.

8- I always wake up at 7 am.

9- I never miss my morning coffee.

10- I often go for a walk in the park on my lunch break.

11- I always take the bus to work.

12- I never eat fast food.

13- I always do my homework before going to bed.

14- I never watch reality TV.

15- I always drink plenty of water during the day.

16- I never skip breakfast.

17- I always brush my hair before leaving the house.

18- I never wear sunglasses inside.

19- I usually have a shower after working out.

20- I always put on sunscreen before going outside.

21- I never go to bed without washing my face.

22- I always floss my teeth before going to bed.

23- I never leave the house without my phone.

24- I usually check my email when I wake up.

25- I never watch more than two hours of TV a day.

26- I always take the stairs instead of the elevator.

27- I never use my phone while driving.

28- I always put my phone on silent at night.

29-I never work more than eight hours a day.

30- I always make time for myself every day.

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