Daily Use Vocabulary Words With Meaning PDF

As a professional writer, it’s important to use language that is both accurate and engaging. However, this can be difficult if you don’t have a strong vocabulary. That’s why today we’re going to focus on five everyday words with interesting meanings. By understanding the nuances of these words, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively with clients, colleagues, and customers.

Daily Use Vocabulary Words

dailu use vocabulary words with meaning
dailu use vocabulary words with meaning
Wrathful Furious
Dauntless Brave
Gigantic Big
Murky Dark
Inequity Difference
Raze Destroy
Hazardous Risky
Demolish Destroy
Abominable Terrible
Unimaginative Lifeless
Initiate Start
Astonishing Unbelievable
Definite Certain
Tedious Tiresome
Acknowledge Response
Rotten egg Bad Person
Frosty Cold
Gorgeous Beautiful
Enormous Huge
Execute Carry out
Narrate Describe
Frigid Cool
Twisted Zigzag
Sob Weep
Appetizing Luscious
Nettle Anger
Savory Delicious
Shimmering Radiant
Wreck Break
Slice Cut

Daily Use Vocabulary Words With Meaning

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21 Advanced Vocabulary Words with Meaning and Example Sentences

Below are some advanced English Vocabulary words along with meanings and an example.

1- Allow: to give permission

Example Sentence: She allowed him to borrow the car.

2- Ascribe: to attach responsibility or blame

Example Sentence: The mistake was ascribed to her inexperience.

3- Impede: to slow or stop progress

Example Sentence: The heavy traffic impeded the ambulance from reaching its destination on time.

4- Facet: a particular aspect of something

Example Sentence: The job has many facets that need to be taken into consideration.

5- Culmination: the highest or climax point

Example Sentence: The culmination of their hard work was a successful business.

6- Venerable: respected because of age, dignity, character, and influence

Example Sentence: The venerable professor is well-known for his wisdom.

7- Ubiquitous: existing everywhere at the same time

Example Sentence: Technology has become ubiquitous in our society.

8- Perpetuate: to keep something going or make it last longer

Example Sentence: We need to take action now to help perpetuate the endangered species.

9- Mettle: courage and strength of spirit

Example Sentence: He showed great mettle in dealing with the challenging situation.

10- Surmise: an opinion or guess based on incomplete information

Example Sentence: His surmise was completely wrong.

11- Adverse: harmful or unfavorable

Example Sentence: He faced some adverse conditions during his journey.

12- Permeate: to spread throughout or penetrate something

Example Sentence: The smell of garlic permeated the room.

13- Endeavor: to try hard; an attempt or effort

Example Sentence: She made every endeavor to complete the project on time.

14- Plaudit: loud and enthusiastic approval

Example Sentence: The crowd gave them a standing ovation as a plaudit for their performance.

15- Inordinate: more than is necessary, proper, or normal

Example Sentence: She spent an inordinate amount of time on the project.

16- Reprieve: a period of respite; to postpone or cancel a punishment

Example Sentence: The prisoner was granted a reprieve from his death sentence.

17- Contrive: to come up with something by planning or inventing

Example Sentence: She contrived a plan to solve the problem.

18- Indelible: permanent and cannot be removed

Example Sentence: The memories of our time together will remain indelible.

19- Compunction: guilt or regret for something done that causes a feeling of remorse

Example Sentence: He had no compunction about lying to get what he wanted.

20- Admonish: to caution or reprove gently; warn of a fault

Example Sentence: She admonished her son for not completing his chores.

21- Vindicate: to clear from blame or suspicion; justify

Example Sentence: His hard work was eventually vindicated.

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21 Advanced Vocabulary Words

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