List Of Formal Words For Academic Writing Pdf

Formal words are an important part of academic writing. They help to express your ideas clearly and effectively. This list includes some of the most commonly used formal words in English. Learning them will help you to write more confidently and accurately.

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Formal Words Academic Writing

Formal Words For Academic Writing

Informal Formal
Put up Tolerate
Eager Avid
Stand for Represent
Dad Father
Put in Insert
Get in touch with Contact
Rack up Accumulate
Tell Inform
Say no Reject
Dare Challenge
Leave out Omit
Anyway Nevertheless
Help Assist
Hurt Damage
Wrong Incorrect
Live Reside
Hurt Damage
Dim Indistinct
Empty Vacant
Let Permit
Buy Purchase
Have to Must
Avoid Evade
Need Require
Lack Deficiency
Think about Consider
Worse Inferior
Free Liberate
I think In my opinion
Sick Ill
Put up Tolerate
Also Moreover
Use Consume
Keep Retain

Formal Words For Academic Writing

Informal Formal
Hopeless Futile
Give up Quit
Ask Enquire
Bad Negative
Put off Delay
But However
Dim Indistinct
Thanks Gratitude
Sorry Apologize
Give Provide
Set up Establish
Lack Deficiency
Job Occupation
Empty Vacant
Free Release
Seem Appear
Lucky Fortunate
Buy Purchase
Find out Ascertain
Cheap Inexpensive
Seem Appear
Want Desire
Look into Investigate
Show up Arrive
Buy Purchase
Tell Inform
Look at Examine
Mainly Principally
Live Reside
Get Obtain
Use Utilize
Mad Insane
Put off Postpone
Get Obtain

Formal Informal Words

Informal Formal
Get Receive
Point out Indicate
All right Acceptable
Set up Establish
Idea Notion
Start Commence
Check Verify
Whole Complete
Ask for Request
But However
Worse Inferior
Lively Energetic
Clear Transparent
Show Illustrate
Sight Vision
Call on Visit
Let Allow
Chance Opportunity
Death Demise
Mend Repair
Blow up Explode
Keep Preserve
Seem Appear
Show Demonstrate
Make up Fabricate
Refer to Consult
Need to Required
Whole Entire
See Observe
Ring up Call
It’s about It concerns
Hungry Famished
Sorry Apologies
Shorten Decrease
End Finish
Mad Insane

List Of Formal Words For Academic Writing Pdf

Formal Phrases for Academic Writing

If you’re looking to sound more scholarly while writing, 10 advanced English sentences are essential. A great way to progress your language skills is to explore the vast range of words available in the English language. From pompous phrases and formal words to creative metaphors and idioms, these 10 advanced English sentences can help you add some flavor to your academic writing.

1. Anomalous behavior was observed during the experiment.

2. The findings were both perplexing and fascinating.

3. A paradigm shift occurred when new evidence surfaced.

4. This hypothesis is inconclusive due to a lack of data.

5. The implications of the study are far reaching.

6. The results of the analysis were indicative of a trend.

7. A plethora of evidence was compiled to support the argument.

8. This theory has been widely contested by experts in the field.

9. Heuristic strategies were employed to address the problem.

10. Subtle nuances need to be taken into consideration.

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Formal words in Example Sentences (Academic)

  • They demonstrated the futility of the plan.
  • She quit her job to pursue a new career.
  • I will enquire about the situation.
  • He expressed negative feelings about the decision.
  • The delay caused by the accident was unavoidable.
  • However, the plan is still feasible.
  • The sound was indistinct and difficult to understand.
  • We expressed our gratitude for the help.
  • I must apologize for my mistake.
  • The company provided a generous compensation package.
  • He established himself as an expert in the field.
  • We must make up for the deficiency in supplies.
  • She found a new occupation after graduating.
  • The room is now vacant and ready for use.
  • We will release the statement after further review.
  • The answer appears to be correct.
  • I am fortunate enough to be able to purchase this item.
  • We must ascertain the truth before making a decision.
  • The government cannot tolerate lawlessness.
  • Avid readers seek out new books.
  • The lawyer will represent his client in court.
  • The father of the family is responsible for providing for them.
  • We can insert this data into the spreadsheet.
  • Please contact me if you have any questions.
  • He is able to accumulate a large amount of wealth.
  • The teacher is obligated to inform the students of their grades.
  • The committee has rejected the proposal.
  • You should challenge yourself to do better.
  • The report should omit any irrelevant information.
  • Nevertheless, it is essential to keep trying.
  • We try to assist those in need.
  • Pollution can cause damage to the environment.

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