13 Moral Stories for Adults in English (Touching Stories) 

No matter how old we get, moral stories remain a treasured source of inspiration and guidance. They have the power to fill us with newfound hope in trying times, remind us that there’s always good in the world and make us aspire towards positivity, kindness and camaraderie–– all necessary values when it comes to overcoming life’s toughest challenges.

If you’re searching for some wholesome tales that also feature life-lessons and moving messages of courage, compassion and understanding; then look no further!

Here are 13 inspiring moral stories for adults in English you can read today!

Moral Stories for Adults

Moral Stories for Adults in English

1. Hen and a Duck:

Once upon a time, there was a duck who lived by a pond. A mother hen and her chicks also lived on the pond, but rarely ever interacted with the duck.

One day, a storm came about, and the duck was desperately trying to find a safe place away from the rain. The hen saw this and invited the duck into her nest, where they both spent the night.

The next morning, the duck was filled with gratitude and thanked the hen for her kindness.

After some days, the hen got ill and was unable to provide food for her chicks. The duck happens to pass by, noticed this and decided to take care of the hen and her chicks.

Moral: We should always be willing to help each other, no matter our differences.

2. The Pear Tree:

There was once an old pear tree that stood in the garden of a large house. Every day, the birds would come and perch on its branches, singing their sweet songs and keeping the tree company.

One day, the owner of the house decided to cut down the tree and use the wood to build a boat.

The birds were heartbroken, but eventually came up with an idea: they made a nest in the boat and continued to sing their songs, so that the tree would never truly be gone.

Moral: Although things change, the memories and joys of the past can still bring us comfort.

3. The Mouse Who Saved a Cat:

One day, a mouse was walking through the forest when he stumbled upon a cat that had been caught in a hunter’s net.

The mouse immediately sprung into action and started chewing away at the net, freeing the trapped cat.

The cat thanked the mouse for his help before running off into the woods.

After some days, the mouse was running away from a hungry fox when he suddenly heard meowing. It was the cat, who had come back to repay his kindness by saving him from the fox.

Moral: A good deed is never forgotten and will always be rewarded in some way.

4. The Fawn and the Wolf:

Once upon a time, there was a young fawn who had gotten lost in the woods. He stumbled upon a wolf, who was about to attack him when something stopped him in his tracks. It was the sight of the helpless fawn that made the wolf have a change of heart and decide to help him instead.

The wolf showed the fawn the way back to safety and even offered him a ride on his back.

Moral: Even our enemies can surprise us with unexpected acts of kindness.

5. The King and the Beggar:

Once upon a time, there was a generous king who used to give money to anyone in need. One day, he saw a beggar on the street and decided to give him some coins out of kindness.

The beggar thanked the king profusely and told him that in return, he would always offer his prayers for the king’s health and wellbeing.

Some years passed by, and one day, the king fell ill. He remembered the words of the beggar and prayed to him for help, and miraculously, his health was restored.

Moral: Kindness is the beautfy of this universe.

6. The Ant and the Dove:

Once upon a time, there was an ant that had gotten lost in the forest. He was so exhausted from all the walking that he could no longer move and would have died soon if it weren’t for a dove that had noticed him.

The dove immediately flew down and picked up the ant in her beak, taking him back to her nest where she fed him until he regained his strength.

Moral: Even the smallest of us can receive unexpected kindness and help when we need it.

7. The Fox and the Crow:

Once upon a time, there was a cunning fox who saw a crow perched atop a tree. The fox wanted to eat the crow’s food, so he flattered the bird with compliments until it dropped its piece of cheese from its beak.

The fox then grabbed the cheese and ran away, but not before reminding the crow that flattery can be dangerous when dealing with sly creatures like himself.

Moral: Be wary of those who offer false praise; they may have ulterior motives.

8. The Bear and the Two Travelers:

Once upon a time, two travelers were walking through a forest when they stumbled upon a bear. Frightened, the travelers started running away, but the bear chased after them.

Just then, a wise old man appeared and told the travelers to stop running and stand still. Miraculously, the bear stopped in his tracks and walked away peacefully.

Moral: Sometimes all it takes is courage to face our fears head on. That courage can help us find solutions that we never thought possible.

9. The Wolf and the Lamb:

Once upon a time, there was a wolf that had gone out in search of food. He saw a small lamb drinking from a stream nearby and decided to attack it.

The lamb pleaded with the wolf, telling him that he was innocent and hadn’t done anything wrong, but the wolf refused to listen. Then suddenly, an old man appeared and asked the wolf why he wanted to kill such an innocent creature.

The wolf had no answer for this question and so he angrily walked away without harming the lamb.

Moral: It is always wrong to punish someone for something they did not do. Injustice should never be tolerated or accepted.

10. The Elephant and the Mouse:

Once upon a time, there was an elephant that had gotten stuck in the mud. No matter how hard it tried, the elephant could not get out of the mud pit.

Just then, a small mouse came to its rescue. It started gnawing away at the elephant’s feet until it was finally free.

Moral: Even the smallest act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life. We should always strive to be helpful towards others whenever we can.

11. The Hare and the Tortoise:

Once upon a time, there was a hare that boasted of its speed to a tortoise. The hare decided to prove its speed by challenging the tortoise to a race.

The tortoise accepted the challenge, even though it knew it would not be able to keep up with the hare’s speedy pace. However, when the race began, the hare became too confident in its abilities and took several breaks along the way.

Meanwhile, the tortoise kept on walking steadily and eventually reached the finish line before the hare did.

Moral: Slow and steady wins the race; don’t let overconfidence get in your way! Patience and dedication can help you achieve your goals.

No matter how hard the odds may seem, these fables show that with perseverance and courage, we can all succeed if we believe in ourselves. Whether it is kindness to others or having patience to reach our goals, these stories illustrate the vital skills needed to survive and thrive in life. With determination and the right attitude, we can overcome any obstacle.

It is important to remind ourselves of these lessons every now and then so that they become an integral part of who we are. Doing this will allow us to develop these essential skills even further and apply them whenever possible—helping us lead a more meaningful life!

12. The Ant and the Grasshopper:

Once upon a time, there was an ant who worked hard all summer long to save food for the winter. A grasshopper on the other hand, spent its summer days singing and playing around in the sun.

When winter came around, the grasshopper had no food to eat while the ant had stored up plenty. The ant offered some of its food to the grasshopper, but only if it promised to work harder in the future so that it wouldn’t have to rely on someone else’s generosity again.

Moral: Hard work pays off; those who are diligent will always be rewarded for their efforts. It is important to prepare for difficult times ahead by planning and working hard today.

13. The Foolish Donkey:

Once upon a time, there was an old donkey who used to carry heavy loads day in and day out. One day, he decided that he would no longer do the work of humans and ran away into the forest.

However, he soon realized how difficult it was to find food and shelter by himself. He eventually decided to go back to his master and was welcomed with open arms.

Moral: It is better to be in a familiar, comfortable place than to venture into unknown areas where we may not have the necessary resources or skills to survive.

Final Words

The moral of these stories is that we should always be kind, generous and helpful to those around us. No matter how small our contribution may seem, it can make a big difference in someone’s life. We should also remember to be wary of those who offer false praise or seek to do us harm as they may have ulterior motives. Finally, it is important to face our fears head on with courage and strength as this will often lead to solutions that we never thought possible.

Through these lessons, we learn that the power of kindness is endless and can help create positive change in the world. So let us all strive to be a little kinder each day!

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