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Looking for a verb + preposition list pdf? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a downloadable list of verbs and their prepositions. So whether you’re looking to improve your grammar skills or simply want a handy reference guide, be sure to download our verb + preposition list pdf below.

What is Verb?

Verbs are action words that describe an action, state, or occurrence. They usually follow a noun or pronoun and express a specific action, event, or state of being.

A verb can be used to indicate physical activities such as running and jumping, mental activities such as thinking and feeling, states of being such as being happy and sad, and occurrences such as arriving and leaving.

What is Preposition?

A preposition is a word that links nouns, pronouns, and phrases to other words in a sentence. Prepositions usually describe the relationship between the words they link such as time, place, or direction.

The following list of verbs and prepositions are commonly used together to form expressions with specific meanings:

How to Link a Verb and Preposition?

When linking a verb and a preposition together, the verb should come first followed by the preposition. The two words must agree in number (singular or plural) and tense (past, present, future).

For example:

  • I am waiting for you.
  • He is running after them.
  • We were dancing to the music.

Verb + Preposition List

verbs and prepositions list 2

 Verb And Preposition At

  • Aim at
  • Smile at
  • Guess at
  • Peer at
  • Marvel at
  • Point at
  • Hint at
  • Laugh at
  • Arrive at
  • Wink at
  • Glance at
  • Look at
  • Stare at

 Verb And Preposition About

  • Be about
  • Hear about
  • Argue about
  • Protest about
  • Forget about
  • Talk about
  • Boast about
  • Ask about
  • Decide about
  • Warn about
  • Quarrel about
  • Feel about
  • Complain about
  • Concern about
  • Joke about
  • Write about
  • Think about
  • Care about
  • Laugh about
  • Know about

Verb And Preposition From

  • Rescue from
  • Infer from
  • Stem from
  • Protect from
  • Separate from
  • Recover from
  • Prevent from
  • Retire from
  • Prohibit from
  • Suffer from
  • Abstain from
  • Graduate from
  • Borrow from
  • Save from
  • Resign from
  • Escape from
  • Hide from

about from at prepositions with verbs

Verb And Preposition With

  • Provide with
  • Meet with
  • Tamper with
  • Begin with
  • Charge with
  • Deal with
  • Confuse with
  • Complain with
  • Comply with
  • Agree with
  • Help with
  • Face with
  • Quarrel with
  • Concern with
  • Associate with
  • Clutter with
  • Coincide with
  • Cover with
  • Trust with
  • Compare with
  • Confront with
  • Interfere with
  • Disagree with
  • Discuss with
  • Cope with
  • Collide with
  • Share with
  • Cram with
  • Argue with
  • Acquaint with
  • Fight with

Verb And Preposition In

  • Succeed in
  • Be engrossed in
  • Involve in
  • Believe in
  • Trust in
  • Arrive in
  • Confide in
  • Result in
  • Participate in
  • Absorb in
  • Specialize in
  • Implicate in

Verb And Preposition On

  • Depend on
  • Blame on
  • Impose on
  • Comment on
  • Count on
  • Agree on
  • Concentrate on
  • Congratulate on
  • Work on
  • Play on
  • Be on
  • Pride on
  • Elaborate on
  • Base on
  • Insist on
  • Rely on

with in on prepositions with verbs

Verb And Preposition Of

  • Rob of
  • Accuse of
  • Consist of
  • Disapprove of
  • Get tired of
  • Convince of
  • Bilk out of
  • Remind of
  • Dream of
  • Suspect of
  • Convict of
  • Compose of
  • Hear of
  • Conceive of
  • Cure of
  • Hope of
  • Despair of
  • Get rid of
  • Think of
  • Approve of

 Verb And Preposition To

  • Reply to
  • Devote to
  • Belong to
  • Appeal to
  • React to
  • Adjust to
  • Talk to
  • Confess to
  • Write to
  • Lead to
  • Compare to
  • Speak to
  • Sentence to
  • Listen to
  • Contribute to
  • Get married to
  • Explain to
  • Object to
  • Add to
  • Agree to
  • Apologize to
  • Subscribe to
  • See to
  • Refer to
  • Consent to
  • Adapt to
  • Turn to
  • Respond to
  • Happen to

 Verb And Preposition For

  • Scold for
  • Pray for
  • Search for
  • Vote for
  • Prepare for
  • Head for
  • Apologize for
  • Excuse for
  • Care for
  • Wait for
  • Ask for
  • Pay for
  • Wish for
  • Blame for
  • Work for
  • Apply for
  • Long for

of to for prepositions with verbs

Complete List Of Verbs And Prepositions

  • Recover from
  • Stay with
  • Proud of
  • Act upon
  • For the sake of
  • In course of
  • In honor of
  • Run after
  • Apply to
  • Free from
  • Blind to
  • Start for
  • Knock at
  • Lame of
  • Believe in
  • Act upon
  • Afraid of
  • In spite of
  • Kind to
  • Honest in
  • Pray to
  • Save from
  • Look after
  • Call on
  • Interest in
  • Famous for
  • Born in
  • Close to
  • Cruel to
  • On behalf of
  • Hope of
  • Need for
  • In front of
  • Die of
  • Inferior to
  • Deal with
  • Agree to
  • On the point of
  • Fail in
  • Laugh at
  • Fond of
  • Feel for
  • Lead to
  • Made of
  • Cure of
  • Ask for
  • Arrive at
  • Live on
  • Succeed in
  • Glad at
  • Pray for
  • Invite to
  • Sick of
  • Differ with
  • Hope for
  • Fit for
  • Look at
  • Join in
  • Blind of
  • Fire at
  • Full of
  • Born to
  • Belong to
  • Deal in
  • Prevent from
  • In order to
  • Listen to
  • Faith in
  • Agree with
  • Call at
  • Aware of
  • On account of
  • Because of
  • Desire for

verb and preposition

100 Prepositional Verbs List With Meaning

Here is a list of 100 prepositional verbs, along with their meanings:

  1. Account for: to explain or justify something
  2. Act on: to take action based on something
  3. Add up: to make sense, to be reasonable or logical
  4. Ask for: to request or demand something
  5. Back up: to support or defend something
  6. Bear with: to be patient or tolerant
  7. Break down: to stop functioning, to collapse emotionally
  8. Bring about: to cause or create something
  9. Bring up: to raise or mention a topic
  10. Call for: to require or demand something
  11. Care for: to take care of, to like or love someone/something
  12. Catch up: to reach the same level as someone or something
  13. Check out: to investigate, to pay for something and leave
  14. Clear up: to clarify, to make something clean or neat
  15. Come across: to find or discover something by chance
  16. Come along: to accompany or progress
  17. Come around: to change one’s opinion or attitude
  18. Come by: to obtain or acquire something
  19. Come into: to inherit or receive something
  20. Come off: to happen as planned or expected
  21. Come out: to be published or revealed
  22. Count on: to rely on or trust something or someone
  23. Cover up: to conceal or hide something
  24. Cut off: to disconnect or interrupt something
  25. Deal with: to handle or manage something
  26. Depend on: to rely on or be influenced by something
  27. Die out: to become extinct or disappear
  28. Do without: to manage without something
  29. Draw up: to prepare or create something, like a plan or contract
  30. Drop off: to fall asleep or deliver something
  31. End up: to arrive at a final destination or result
  32. Fall apart: to break into pieces or fail completely
  33. Fall back: to retreat or move away from something
  34. Figure out: to understand or solve a problem
  35. Fill in: to complete or provide missing information
  36. Find out: to discover or learn something
  37. Get across: to communicate or explain something clearly
  38. Get along: to have a good relationship with someone
  39. Get around: to move from place to place, to avoid a problem or obstacle
  40. Get at: to imply or suggest something indirectly
  41. Get away: to escape or take a break
  42. Get by: to manage to survive or do something with difficulty
  43. Get in: to enter or arrive
  44. Get off: to leave a vehicle or machine, to escape punishment
  45. Get on: to board a vehicle, to have a good relationship with someone
  46. Get out: to leave or escape
  47. Get over: to recover from an illness or emotional trauma
  48. Give in: to surrender or agree to something
  49. Give up: to quit or abandon something
  50. Go along: to agree or cooperate with something
  51. Go back: to return to a previous location or time
  52. Go by: to pass, to use as a standard of measurement
  53. Go through: to experience or endure something
  54. Go under: to fail or go bankrupt
  55. Grow up: to mature or become an adult
  56. Hand over: to give something to someone else
  57. Hang around: to wait or remain in a place
  58. Hang up: to end a phone call, to hang clothes on a hanger
  59. Hold on: to wait or hold something tightly
  60. Keep up: to maintain something at a certain level, to stay informed or updated
  61. Knockdown: to demolish or destroy something
  62. Look after: to take care of someone or something
  63. Look for: to search for something
  64. Look into: to investigate or examine something
  65. Look out: to be careful or watchful
  66. Look over: to review or examine something
  67. Makeup: to invent or create something, to reconcile with someone
  68. Markdown: to reduce the price of something
  69. Mix up: to confuse or mistake one thing for another
  70. Move-in: to start living in a new place
  71. Move out: to leave a place, to vacate a property
  72. Pass on: to transmit or give something to someone else
  73. Payback: to repay or return money or a favor
  74. Pick up: to lift or collect something, to learn or acquire something
  75. Point out: to draw attention to or indicate something
  76. Put away: to store or tidy something
  77. Put off: to postpone or delay something
  78. Put on: to wear clothing, to apply makeup or perfume, to turn on a machine or device
  79. Put out: to extinguish a fire, to release or produce something
  80. Put up: to accommodate or host someone, to erect or build something
  81. Reach out: to make contact with someone, to extend help or support
  82. Run into: to meet someone unexpectedly, to collide with something
  83. Run out: to use up all of something, to expire, or run out of time
  84. Set up: to establish or organize something, to arrange something for someone
  85. Show off: to display or exhibit something in a boastful way
  86. Sort out: to organize or resolve something
  87. Speak up: to speak louder or more clearly, to express an opinion or concern
  88. Stand by: to support or remain loyal to someone
  89. Take after: to resemble or have similar qualities to a family member
  90. Take apart: to dismantle or disassemble something
  91. Take back: to retract or withdraw something, to return something to its original location
  92. Take down: to remove or take apart something, to write something down
  93. Take over: to assume control or responsibility for something
  94. Take up: to occupy or fill a space, to start a new hobby or activity
  95. Talk over: to discuss or consider something together
  96. Think about: to consider or ponder something
  97. Turn down: to reject or decline something, to lower the volume or temperature
  98. Turn into: to transform or change into something else
  99. Turn out: to result or end up in a certain way, to attend or show up for an event
  100. Work out: to exercise, to solve or resolve something.

Verb + Preposition Examples in Sentences

Below are 20 sentences with the correct use of verbs and prepositions, both verbs and prepositions are under quotation marks.

  1. “Accommodate” + “for: I tried to accommodate for everyone’s needs.
  2. “Apply” + “to: She applied to a lot of different universities.
  3. “Attend” + “to: He attended to his guests with great hospitality.
  4. “Bridge” + “over: We built a bridge over the river.
  5. “Compare” + “to: The quality of this product cannot be compared to others.
  6. “Contrast” + “with: This book contrasts with previous ones in its complexity.
  7. “Converse” + “with: She converses with her friends every day.
  8. “Crave” + “for: He was always craving for more food.
  9. “Deprive” + “of: They were deprived of their basic human rights.
  10. “Differentiate” + “between: It is important to differentiate between the two words.
  11. “Dispose” + “of: The company had to dispose of the old machinery.
  12. “Dwell” + “on: She spent too long dwelling on the past.
  13. “Familiarize” + “with: He was trying to familiarize himself with the new technology.
  14. “Inquire” + “about: She asked the shopkeeper to inquire about the price.
  15. “Interfere” + “with: Don’t interfere with my work!
  16. “Perish” + “from: Hundreds of people perished from the famine.
  17. “Persist” + “in: He persisted in his efforts to succeed.
  18. “Recur” + “to: Whenever I am stuck, I recur to my notes for help.
  19. “Refer” + “to: Please refer to the instructions in the user manual.
  20. “Rely” + “on: You can always rely on me for help.

Verb + Preposition Exercises

Complete the sentences with an appropriate preposition:

  1. The storm subsided ___ the late afternoon.
  2. I am looking forward ___ hearing from you soon.
  3. We must adhere ___ the rules of the game.
  4. He was credited ___ inventing the computer.
  5. The car broke down ___ the middle of nowhere.
  6. His ambition drove him ___ success.
  7. The thief had to resort ___ stealing.
  8. She was oblivious ___ the danger around her.
  9. We were so exhausted we resorted ___ sleeping.
  10. Everyone was surprised ___ his sudden announcement.

Download this lesson in PDF, Here.

Verb and Preposition List – Video Lesson

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